Monthly Meeting - 10/13/2010


October 13, 2010 – Library Conference Room 230


Attending: Steven Clark, Lesley Deal, Cari Edwards, Regina McCarty, Paul Speights, Lisa Stark, Alice Watson, Annette Wernert, Mary Ann Wild, and Kim Wells


Excused Absences: Kelly Bowling, Donna Harvey, Loretta Seals


Unexcused Absences: Carol Kennedy, Charla Stonecipher


President Watson welcomed everyone attending. She welcomed new member Paul Speights and everyone introduced themselves. Cari Edwards presented the Treasurer’s report. (See the detail below):


Treasurer’s Report

Period Ending: 9/30/10

Checking Account:

09/01 Beginning Balance

Paid Check #501 – Fall Book Honorarium – Reuben Borrego

Paid Check #502 – Fall Book Honorarium – Billie Flener

09/30 Ending Balance


$    913.27



 $    713.27



Savings Account:

09/01 Beginning Balance

09/30 Dividend

09/30 Ending Balance




 $ 2,180.99

Grand Total

$ 2,994.26





We received a note from Hosparus thanking us for our support and the “Pennies from Heaven” fundraising event.  We donated a contribution of $147.19.


Budget Committee – Alice Watson

The following members volunteered to be on the budget committee: Steven Clark, Cari Edwards, Annette Wernert and Mary Ann Wild

Silent Auction – Alice Watson

Alice reserved UC128 so we can work at putting the baskets and auction items together and then bring into UC127.  The committee will meet at 5pm to put the auction items together.  Everyone’s help is needed. Also, members should bring auction snacks on Wednesday.  Jimmy Johns will be delivering sandwiches at 11am. If anyone has fabric or decorations they should bring with them on Tuesday evening. The items are coming together and we should have a very nice silent auction.


NEW BUSINESS – Alice Watson

Steven Clark had an idea that the Staff Council could participate in the Derby Festival.  A suggestion would be to have a team in the bed races.  The committee liked the idea and will think about it.  Another idea would be a staff picnic in the spring.  A Faculty member has offered $500.00 to donate for the picnic.  There was a suggestion to have the picnic on a Friday, off campus. The committee members also liked this idea.



The winner from reading the minutes is Mary Sacasas.


With no further business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Cari Edwards, Secretary

IU Southeast Staff Council

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