Thursday Graduate Poster Session

Thursday Poster Session
University Center Room 127, 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Number Title Presenter Name(s) Discipline/Unit Faculty Sponsor
1 Factors That Contribute to Homelessness From The Prospective of The Homeless Johnetta Hardin Liberal Studies Dr. Diane Wille
2 The Relationship between Anomalous Beliefs, Attitudes and Experiences in a Class of Paranormal Psychology Students Amy Basham Liberal Studies-Psychology Dr. Lucinda Woodward
3 To Group or Not to Group Tia Hall Elementary Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
4 Boring, Boring, Is Your Whole Class Snoring? Karla French Elementary Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
5 Creatively Thinking Katie Seger Education Dr. Faye Camahalan  
6 How do Hands-on Activities Contribute to Children's Ability to Learn Measurement? Brittany Howell Education Dr. Faye Camahalan  
7 Using Nonfiction Text Features as a Reading Strategy for Struggling Readers Bridget Maurer Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
8 SMILE BIG: How we Take Care of Our Teeth Anna Noltemeyer Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
9 Using Literacy to Integrate Energy Concepts  Marcella Fryfogle Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
10 Socialization in Motion Katelyn Campbell Education, School Counseling Dr. Faye Camahalan
11 A Journey with Journaling  Sara Beth Sternberg Elementary Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
12 Students in Motion Lauren High Gifted and Talented Dr. Faye Camahalan 
13 Scaffolds are to Buildings and Organizers are to Ideas Annia Torres-Gonzalez Elementary Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
14 Using Bubbles to Learn Circle Measurements Stacey Hubbard Secondary Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
15 One Chunk at a Time: Breaking Down Math Instruction Jessica Baker Elementary Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
16 Teaching Morphological Analysis through Context and Word Maps Sarah Holland Reading Dr. Faye Camahalan 
17 Trigonometry: It does Exist in Real Life! Janell Evans Secondary Education Dr. Faye Camahalan

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