Thursday Graduate Poster Session

Thursday Poster Session
University Center Room 127, 5:30-6:45
No. Title Presenter(s) Discipline/ Unit Faculty Sponsor
101 Will using the SRA Early Interventions in Reading progam improve reading Michele Compton Education Dr. Lisa Hoffman
102 Teacher Modeling and Goal Setting Heather Edrington Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
103 Improving Student Fluency Using Echo Reading Julie Julichq Education Dr. Lisa Hoffman
104 Impact of Black Achievers Program (YMCA of USA) Anita Stringer Education Dr. Lisa Hoffman
105 Agriculture Biodiversity:  Benefits of Multi-Species Cover Crops and No-Till Fields  Sara Wooden Liberal Studies Dr. James Hollenbeck
106 One-to-One iPad Initiative Review Mark Lorence Education Dr. Lisa Hoffman
107 Attribution Retraining Sarah  Barlowe Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
108 Attribution Retraining Rosie Bertles, Sara Purlee, Amanda Wyraz, Patrick Hirth Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
109 Developing Students' Self-efficacy To Improve Student Learning Aimee Bratcher, Janet Stephens, Jennifer Gordon, Rebecca Meredith Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
110 Environmentalism in Science Fiction Jesse Brown Liberal Studies Dr. James Hollenbeck
111 Constructivism and Authentic Assessment Joseph Shewman, Katherine Tillett, Erica Butler, Krista Jenkins Education Dr. Faye Camahalan
112 Food Waste in America Karen Mann Liberal Studies Dr. James Hollenbeck

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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Hoosier Room

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