Friday Undergraduate Poster Session

Friday Poster Session
Hoosier West, 9:00 a.m.-10:45 a.m.
No. Title Presenter(s) Discipline/Unit Faculty Sponsor
300 Hear the Children Cry I Want My Mommy In Animated Films Parketta Cartwright Sociology Dr. Sara Hare
301 Aggression in Martial Arts Students Corey Hile, Nathan Spooner Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
302 Identification and Characterization of Black Pigment in Environmental Bacteria Cameron Unverferth Biology/Biochemistry Dr. Aaron Setterdahl
303 Characterization of unknown gene Rsp2415 of the purple bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides Miralem Bekric, Christine Kim Biochemistry Dr. Aaron Setterdahl
304 Increasing Awareness of Earth's Processes and Their Impact on History through Hands-On Education at National Historic Sites Brittany Blevins Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
305 Stress, it's the new normal. Michael Brown, Kelli Case, Anne Fowler Nursing Ms. Pam White
306 Simulate to Stimulate Nathan Call, Jennifer Nugent Nursing Dr. Laura McIlvoy
307 Student Faculty Interactions Michele Delaney, Lindsay Riley Psychology Dr. Robin Morgan
308 Women want to be friends with Friends, guys want to be like Mike Hannah Hatton Psychology Dr. Aimee Adam
309 Intimate Relationship Ideals Abbey Holderman, Amanda Dieterlen Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
310 Romantic and Parasocial Relationships Megan Jones Psychology Dr. Aimee Adam
311 Learning Without Thought is Labor Lost Katie Juodikis, Emilee Carver Nursing Ms. Tonya Broughton
312 Visualization Tools for Water Quality Data Jeffrey Kempster Informatics Dr. Chris Kimmer
313 The Viability of Aquaculture as a Sustainable Food Source for the United States Jalissa Kleczynski Secondary Education Dr. James Hollenbeck
314 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Inhibitor-Protein Binding Katherine Knies Biology Dr. Victor Waingeh
315 Psychological Phenomenon During Epileptic Seizures Katherine Knies Biology Dr. Meghan Kahn; Dr. Michele Zimmerman
316 Ticket Writer Application using Android programming Andrew Kramer, Chelsie Phillips Informatics Dr. Sridhar Ramachandran
317 Putting Condoms on Harrison County Kayla Miville, Mara Work, Lindsey Ward Nursing Ms. Luz Huntington-Moskos
318 Relationship Between Parent Weight, Child Weight, and Parenting Style Hannah Hatton Psychology Dr. Todd Manson
319 Parasocial Relationships with Villainous/Disliked Characters  Alex Noble, Lindsey Wedding Psychology Dr. Aimee Adam
320 A Mineralogical Study of Schorl and Indicolite Tourmalines from the Ingersoll Mine, Keystone, South Dakota Allan Shingleton Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
321 Characterization of Pseudomonas putida phages found in Southern Indiana soil Lauren Smith Biology Dr. Pam Connerly
322 Preservation and Identification of a Fossilized Devonian Fish Bone Serena Swango Geoscience Dr. Glenn Mason
324 Characterizing the RSP_3263 gene found in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Abrar Syed Biology Dr. Aaron Setterdahl
325 Factors Influencing Romantic Relationships Caitlain Vicars, Amy Peralta, Amanda Dieterlen Psychology Dr. Aimee Adam
326 Attitudes Toward Dating Violence Caitlain Vicars, Alexa Smith Psychology  Dr. Meghan Kahn
327 Our Vision for a Brighter Future  Shelby Garber, Felicia Schneider, Shelby Riley, Erika VanBree Nursing  Ms. Luz Huntington-Moskos
328 Video Games, Sleep, & Academia Jonathan Crouse, Michael LaCoursiere Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
329 Nursing in Ecuador Kelley Dwyer Nursing Dr. Laura Mcilvoy
330 Lunch and Learn at the New Albany Housing Authority  Sarah McIntire, Katie Conrad, Stephanie Richardson, Morgan Burke Nursing Dr. Judy Myers
331 No Money? No Problem. Megan Potts, Shelby Hodge, Natalie Ford, Brianna Kane Nursing Ms. Luz Huntington-Moskos
332 Amish Health Fair Kortney Schmidt, Kristan Benz Nursing Ms. Lindsey Brough
333 Authoritarianism, Meat consumption and Environmental Concern B. Michelle Turner Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
334 Causal Attitudes toward Depression Amber Wellman, Sally Sturgis Psychology  Dr. Meghan Kahn
335 Withdrawal in the Brain Sarah Kincaid, Claudia Strange Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
336 Nursing Intervenes to Give Teens the Means Emily Bizer, Samantha Storms Nursing Ms. Pam White
337 Pregnant Behind Bars Theresa Bowling, Alyssa Shuck, Janelle Smith  Nursing  Dr. Laura Mcilvoy
338 Test anxiety and Self-esteem Caitlin Eckman, Robert Yates Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
339 Developing Healthy Habits and Behaviors Keyshia Floyd, Clint Hedinger Nursing Ms. Pam White
340 Postpartum in Shackles Whitney Fulkerson, Maria White, Heather Cannon, Jetta McCauley Nursing Dr. Laura McIlvoy
341 Gonff: A Project in Game Development Steven Garrett, Stefan Corbin Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
342 Assembly Dungeon Crawler Ryan Kessler, John Durrett, Rezylle Milallos Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
343 Food Fight Matthew Newland, Paul Daugherty, Beverly Moore Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
344 Study of Alcohol and Academic Performance among College Students Brittany Newman, Sheila Elswick Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
345 Concentration on Medication Alicia Ritchie, Jennifer Winans Nursing Ms. Kathleen Free
346 Key Commander Angela Shutters, Josh Martin Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
347 Guess That Phrase Jordan Smith, Jay Tyler Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
348 Simulation: Learning Through the Crawl, Walk, Run Process. Ginnie Thomas, Nichole Anaya Nursing Ms. Jane Hollowell
349 Don’t Be a Drip- Get it Right Lisa Morgan Nursing Dr. Laura McIlvoy
350 Conditional discrimination in the homing pigeon Leamon Daniel Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn

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