Friday Undergraduate Poster Session

Friday Poster Session
9:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
Poster presentations will be in Hoosier West
Table top presentations will be in hallway between UC North & UC South
Number Title Presenters Discipline/Unit Faculty Mentor
1 Student Success in the Real World Margaret Osborne Nursing Dr. Donna Bowles
2 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Maria Buchanan, Amanda Gideon, Cassandra Chadwell, Brooke Rutledge Nursing Professor Jane Hollowell
3 Complimentary Therapies for Low Income Elderly Brooke Prather, April Wright, Tarrin Ball, Ashley Bunch Nursing Professor Rosalind Williams
4 The Salem Witch Trials Lily Dobbs, Alicia Popson Undecided Professor Rebekah Dement Farmer
5 Kangaroo Care in the Operating Room Jillian Smith, Amanda Howard Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
6 Filling The Pantry Nicole Heck, Andrea Haydon Nursing Professor Jane Hollowell
7 Higher Education and Ethnocentrism Angelica Wiseman, Brent Portal Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
8 From Business School to Business Careers: Identifying and Mitigating Gender Differences in Collaborative Experiences Katlyn Gibson, Dana Frank Business Marketing Professor Rebekah Dement Farmer
9 Escape Route Emily Downs, Delaney Green Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
10 No Excuse for Abuse Mary Beth Mattingly, Erica Shireman Nursing Professor Linda Wells-Freiberger
11 Raising Awareness of Healthy Behaviors in Adolescent Girls at the Home of the Innocents Sarah Crase, Gewana Stringer Nursing Professor Jane Hollowell
12 The Journey Towards a more Healthy, Independent Lifestyle at the Home of the Innocents Holly Duggins, Hannah Raake Nursing Professor Pam White
13 Teaching Pediatric Growth and Development through Unfolding Case Study Andrea Kramer, Jenny Gillum Nursing Professor Kathleen Walsh Free, Professor Jane Hollowell
14 Early Pregnancy Loss & Bereavement in the Emergency Department Pam Rogers, Jessica Martin Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
15 Elementary Student Mentoring as a Means to Health Promotion Millicent Wright, Jessica Reiter Nursing Dr. Laura Mcilvoy
16 Acquisition: A Deceptively Simple MASM Game Matthew Ballard, Joseph Dukes Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
17 Building in a Virtual World Ethan Scheldorf, Vanessa Winnecke, Justin Schwarz Informatics Dr. Chris Kimmer
18 Recover Your Lost Time Barbara Moore, Kara Davis Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
19 Matrix Rain John Karr, Kilian, Korinek Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
20 Commitment, Compassion, Community Deborah Kelty, Kimberly Keithly Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
21 Hosparus: Because the End of Life is Part of Living Elizabeth Scott, Kylie Albin Nursing Professor Kathleen Walsh Free
22 Standardized Documentation for Cardiovascular ICU Nurses Linda Baggett, Lauren Oakley Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
23 Study of Cell Phone Separation Anxiety and Cell Phone Dependency Sabrina Maddox, Lawrence Clark Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
24 "Don't Shake the Baby" Kelly Hampton, Leigha Bowyer-Jones Nursing Professor Jane Hollowell
25 Promoting Use of Primary Providers Esther Brazin Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
26 Standing Orders in the Emergency Department Camille Carl Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
27 The Discharge Phone Call Stacy Dorman Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
28 Providing Resources to Henryville Preschool Children Brookelynn Guthrie Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
29 Hard to Swallow: Teaching Alternate Feeding Routes in the Indiana University Southeast Nursing Laboratory Theresa Humphrey Nursing Professor Kathleen Walsh Free
30 Whose Line Is It? Effectively Managing Intravenous Medication Administration Rachel Huster Nursing Professor Kathleen Walsh Free
31 Restrictive verses Open Visitation Policy in the Adult ICU Wendy Knight Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
32 Hosparus: The Process of Joint Commission Accreditation Brittney Lantrip Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
33 WIC and Wayside Kristin Mayfield Nursing Professor Jane Hollowell
34 Process for Identifying Education Needs Reuben Raisor Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
35 Raspberry Pi 2 Big Data Cluster Justin Schwarz Informatics Dr. John Doyle
36 Introspection: Recent Drawings by Christina Stettenbenz Christina Stettenbenz Fine Arts-Drawing Professor Emily Sheehan
37 How Weaving Has Served as a Means of Intergenerational Cultural Transmission and Economic Subsistence in Post-Contact Navajo Culture Christina Stettenbenz Fine Arts-Drawing Dr. Anne Allen
38 Medical Information in the Electronic Age Dewey Winstead Nursing Dr. Laura Mcilvoy
39 Spaces Cassie Fischer Fine Arts-Painting Professor Tiffany Carbonneau
40 Twitter View Population Mapping Jeremy Smitley, Tim McEndoo, Zachary Amburgey Informatics Dr. Chris Kimmer
41 Correlates Between Observance and Enjoyment in Graphic Horror Films with a Multidimensional Personality Model Christian French, Kirsten Black Psychology Dr. Todd Manson & Dr. Sara Walsh
42 The High Seas of a Health Fair Kaitlin Coleman, Shawn Besecker, Matthew Reisert Nursing Professor Shelly Leezer
43 Keeping Patients Safe: Medication and IV Education for Students Allison Sims, Kenneth Jones, Eric Garman, Alicia Seewer Nursing Professor Kathleen Walsh Free
44 Pregnant in Prison: Empowering a Vulnerable Population Jessica Wessel, Casey Parker, Sarah Martin, Erin Dorgay Nursing Professor Tonya Broughton
45 Increasing Health Literacy for the Amish of Washington County Emily Lynch, Makinzie Schafer, Ashley Gettelfinger, Amberly Liter Nursing Professor Pam White
46 Holistic Health: Finding Your Balance Carolyn Pellman, Meaghen Tompkins, Alexis Horine Nursing Dr. Judy Myers
47 Attitudes Toward Infidelity Rachel Dotson, Amanda Anderson Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
48 Sleep and Academic Performance Alexandra Henson, Amber Hall Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
49 Push It Real Good: Testing Knowledge Retention and Assessment Skills of Students Through Simulation Sara Hausz, Michael Webb, Bart Crowder Nursing Professor Tonya Broughton
50 Learning to Stay Healthy and Safe Through Head Start and Tap Candace Kepley, Christa Speagle Nursing Professor Pam White
51 Getting a Head Start Jillian Gettelfinger, Emily Robertson Nursing Professor Jodi Henderson
52 The Relationship Between Personality and Obedience Emily Holmquist, Hillary Geswein Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
53 Novel Water Phages Found In Water Samples Aarika Robbins, Karim Abdul Biology Dr. Pamela Connerly
54 Personality and Career Aspirations Chelsey Fahey, Shelby Mayfield Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
55 Social Implications of Time Spent Playing Video Games Maja Reuter, Stephen Nickles Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
56 Intellectual Activity and Mental Health on Student Veterans Tanya DeCoux, Sydney Sloan Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
57 Informatics Alumni Map using the Google Maps application tool Zachary Amburgey Informatics Dr. Sridhar Ramachandran
58 Contemporary Myth: My B.F.A. Thesis Series Shelbi Boehman Fine Arts-Drawing Professor Emily Sheehan
59 Synthesis Shannon Bowyer Fine Arts Professor Debra Clem
60 Residual Lead along Older Roadways in La Grange, Kentucky Deanne Caffee-Cooper Geoscience Dr. Glenn Mason and Dr. Victor Waingeh
61 Technology Use Policy awareness using an Interdisciplinary Approach Bradley Ethan Cooper Informatics (Graphic Design) Dr. Sridhar Ramachandran
62 Altruism and Trauma History Leamon Daniel Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
63 How does Poverty Influence Graduation from High School? Anna Dehr Secondary Education-Chemistry Dr. Angela Salas
64 Determining the Colony Status of a New Population of Indiana Bats Brian Dennis Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
65 Threads of Frustration Autumn Francia Pre-Fine Arts & Foreign Languages, Spanish Concentration Dr. Anne Allen, Professor Katie Phillips, Professor Tiffany Carbonneau
66 Ice Age Bones from Indiana Caverns Deborah Haeberlin Geoscience Dr. Glenn Mason
67 Investigating and Identifying Novel Protein Interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana of the PLP synthase complex Hayden Johnson Biology Dr. Beth Rueschhoff
68 Relationship between Writing Practice Behaviors and Writing Self-Efficacy Shannon Kleier Psychology & English Writing Dr. Diane Wille
69 Grit in Nontraditional Students Elizabeth London Psychology Dr. Donna Dahlgren
70 Deciphering the Role of the sinR Gene Homologue in Halobacillus BBL2006 Jesie Martinez Biology Dr. Gretchen Kirchner
71 The Connection between Personality Traits and Perceived Stress Christopher Morris Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
72 Preliminary Investigation of a New Secondary Mineral Scot Payne Geology Dr. Glenn Manson
73 The Relationship among Temperament, Learning Styles, Motivation, and Reinforcement Chelsea Phillips-Payne Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
74 Indiana Association of Nursing Students: Giving a Voice to Indiana Nursing Students on a National Stage Shannon Pickett Nursing Dr. Laura Mcilvoy
75 Dancing Worms Tom Pryor Fine Arts-Graphic Design Dr. Barbara Kutis
76 Personality and Other Correlates of Same-Sex Sexual Interaction Chelsea Sampson Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
77 Health Considerations Related to Natural Waters Daniel Weaver Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
78 And the Plot Thickens: A Look at Animated Film and Gender Chris Tivnan Sociology Dr. Sara Hare
79 White Nose Syndrome Brianna Whittaker Geoscience Dr. Peter Galvin
80 Study of the Reaction and Use of Dimethylaminopyridine as a Derivatizing Reagent to Analyze Emerging Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water Brian Young Chemistry Dr. Patricia Ranaivo

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