Success Stories

"When regular credit cards were taken away due to the high usage costs the Campus was experiencing, I began to make use of my UCard. I never have cash handy, so the UCard is super convenient for me to use. It only takes a minute to put funds on my card over the web, and I don't have to worry about carrying around the extra loose change after a purchase. I am an intern on Campus as well as a student, so I eat here a lot, which makes the meal plan ideal for me because I get extra bonus points (EXTRA $$$) added onto my account just for signing up for an amount I already know I will spend. I also enjoy participating in the monthly promotions in hopes of winning some kind of gift card or prize."  - Abby Enteman, student and intern at IU Southeast.
"I absolutely love my UCard! It is very easy to add money to your account online and convenient to use as a form of payment on and off campus. In fact, my kids love the off-campus merchants that take the UCard because I often treat them to lunch and dinner. It is also great to see the "UCard Accepted Here" signs off-campus. I feel it is bringing the campus and the community closer together."  - Cheryl Young, employee IU Southeast School of Business.
"Our partnership with 'IUS' has proven to be very successful for our locations in the area. Not only do we have 'IUS' students inside of Tumbleweed frequently using their meal cards, but the staff at 'IUS' has given us the opportunity to be present on campus as well through shared efforts such as the Resident Move In day, where we are able to provide coupons that drive more traffic into our restaurants."  - Leigh Ann Burckhardt, Tumbleweed Southwest Grill Marketing Manager.