Campus Bookstore

Charge Books and Supplies to Your UCard

From May 6, 2014 - May 14, 2015 (until 8 p.m.) the bookstore can accept the UCard as a charge card with a $600 limit. Just say, "charge it."

The bookstore charges will post to your Bursar account and will be due on the next monthly billing date.

Your account will be automatically activated the day after your register for classes. If you have a brand new or replacement UCard, you must wait one day before charging your books.

***Please note this will be the only time to charge books to your UCard for the summer sessions. Any other time you must pre-deposit funds onto your UCard before making a purchase.

Stack of books.
Do you qualify?
  • Currently enrolled IU Southeast student
  • No holds on student record
  • Valid UCard

Your bookstore charges will be posted to your Bursar account and will be included on your next monthly student account billing statement, along with other tuition and fee charges. Bookstore charges must be paid in full unless you are signed up for the deferment installment payment plan. Unpaid bookstore charges may result in registration and transcript holds on your student record.


Return privileges are limited. Be sure to save your receipt in case you need to return or exchange books. Any returned charges will show up as a credit on your Bursar account.