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Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we take lots of pictures. Photography work includes, but is not limited to, portraits for print materials and websites, and significant events on campus. University Communications staff take many of the campus photos, and, on occasion, we contract freelance photographers for major events.

Permission/model releases:
IU Southeast does not regularly use model releases nor seek written permission for most of the photography or videos created for both internal and broader University use. Written permission is not required when taking photographs or videos of individuals in public settings or using the resulting photographs or videos in news and editorial contexts. On an IU campus, there is no expectation of privacy, so if you’re in one of our classrooms, walking on our campus or in the University Commons, or hanging out with friends on one of our lawns, you’re “fair game” for our photographers.   

Whenever possible, campus photographers identify themselves and seek verbal permission when making photos. They inform subjects about the potential uses of the photo, such as providing information for a story and/or creating images to more broadly describe the campus, both now and in the future. In instances when an individual asks to not be photographed, our photographers comply with those wishes. 

If you look at our websites, you will see that campus photography is all about photos that are positive and uplifting. If you are concerned with a photograph taken by a campus photographer or freelancer, please contact the University Communications staff for assistance.

Written permission in the form of an official model release is required, however, for photos or videos of children, patients in medical settings, or subjects featured in advertisements in which a person’s name, image, or likeness are being used.

Photo library:
Campus photographs are kept in the photo library in the Office of University Communications. For university-related commercial uses — including textbooks, commercial products, or advertising — please contact University Communications at (812) 941-2285.

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