Emergency Response & Preparedness

IU Notify

IU Notify is the University Emergency Alert System. Get emergency University updates sent to your cell, home, or work phone, plus emails to your personal computer.

Log on to OneStart to update your information:

  1. Go to OneStart.iu.edu and log in
  2. Click on "Emergency Notification"
  3. Add or edit your phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  4. Click "Update"

Emergency Action Plan

The purpose of the Emergency Action Plan is to protect students, employees, and visitors from serious injury, property loss, or loss of life in the event of a major disaster. The plan describes the initial responsibilities and actions to be taken until the appropriate University or municipal responders take over.

Tornado & Fire Warnings

All persons shall evacuate any building on campus when a fire alarm is activated. Emergency evacuation plans are posted inside all buildings.

The campus community shall be notified in the event of a tornado warning that is issued for Floyd County. When a warning is issued all persons on campus should take shelter in designated tornado shelter areas on campus. See the emergency evacuation plans that are posted in a building for designated tornado shelter locations.

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Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

The University Emergency Action Plan includes information about evacuation procedures, assignments and responsibilities and prevention and planning. The University conducts an emergency response exercise each year such as a table top exercise, field exercise and tests of the emergency notification systems on campus. These tests are designed to assess and evaluate the emergency plans and capabilities of the institution.

IU Southeast police officers and supervisors have received training in Incident Command and Responding to Critical Incidents on Campus. When a serious incident occurs that causes an immediate threat to the campus, the first responders to the scene are usually UPD, New Albany PD, Floyd County Sheriff’s Office and the New Albany Fire Department, and they typically respond and work together to manage the incident. Depending on the nature of the incident, other IU Southeast departments and other local or federal agencies could also be involved in responding to the incident.

General information about the emergency response and evacuation procedures for IU Southeast are publicized each year as part of the University’s Clery Act compliance efforts, and detailed information is available on the IU SoutheastPD website:

Emergency response and evacuation procedures

Notification to the IU Southeast Community about an Immediate Threat

IU Notify is the University Emergency Alert System. It is used to immediately notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on campus which involves an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees. IU Notify is able to send updates (text and voice messages) to a cell phone, home phone, work phone, and any e-mail account registered with the system. A test of the IU Notify emergency notification system is conducted at least once per calendar year.

University Police will determine if an incident is a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees on campus. The Chief of Police (or designee) will consult with the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs-depending on the situation and when time permits- to determine if there is a significant emergency, which segment of the campus community will be notified, and the content of the notification. The entire campus community will be notified when there is at least the potential that a very large segment of the community will be affected by a situation or when a situation threatens the operation of the campus as a whole. Continuing assessment of the situation will be made and additional segments of the campus community may be notified if the situation warrants.

The emergency notification will be made without delay for the safety of the campus community, unless issuing a notification will-in the professional judgment of the University Police-compromise efforts to a respond a victim, contain, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

The emergency notification will be sent by the University Police. Follow up information will be provided to the University community as needed. If the emergency information needs to be disseminated outside of the campus community communication with the local news agencies will be used.

Emergency Response and Evacuation Testing Procedures

An evacuation (fire) drill is coordinated by UPD each spring and fall semester for all residential facilities on campus. Students learn the locations of the emergency exits in the buildings and are provided guidance about the location of their emergency evacuation site they should travel to when exiting each building for a short-term building evacuation. UPD and Residence Life staff on the scene communicate information to students about the location of long term building evacuation sites if needed.

The purpose of the evacuation drills is to prepare building occupants for an organized evacuation in the case of a fire or other emergency. At IU Southeast, evacuation drills are used as a way to educate and train occupants on fire safety issues specific to their building. During the drill, occupants ‘practice’ drill procedures and familiarize themselves with the location of exits and the sound of the fire alarm. In addition to educating the occupants of each building about the evacuation procedures during the drills, the process also provides the University an opportunity to test the operation of fire alarm system components.

Evacuation drills are monitored by UPD and Residence Life to evaluate egress and behavioral patterns. Reports are prepared by participating departments that identify deficient equipment so that repairs can be made immediately. Recommendations for improvements are also submitted to the appropriate departments/offices for consideration.

Students receive information about evacuation and shelter in place procedures during their first floor meetings and during other educational sessions that they can participate in throughout the year. The Residence Life staff members are trained in these procedures as well and act as an on-going resource for the students living in residential facilities.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

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  • On Campus Emergency –
    ext. 2400 , (812) 941-2400
  • Off Campus Emergency – 911
  • Campus Bad Weather Hotline – (812) 941-2567
  • Anonymous Tip Line – (812) 948-0684
  • Personal Counseling Services – ext. 2244, (812) 941-2244
  • Floyd Memorial Hospital – (812) 944-7701
  • Indiana Poison Center – (800) 222-1222
  • Center for Women and Families Crisis Line – (812) 944-6743
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do IU Police Officers have jurisdiction to make arrests?

IU Police Officers have jurisdiction on any real property owned or occupied by the University or on any streets through or adjacent thereto. The IU Southeast Police department also shares concurrent jurisdiction anywhere in Floyd and Clark Counties through mutual aid agreements.

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Annual Report

Annual Report

Read the IU Southeast’s Campus 2012 Security and Fire Safety Annual Report Online.

The report can also be printed from the Protect IU website.