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Welcome to The IU Southeast Writing Center

The information located here is intended to provide writing assistance to our faculty, staff, students, and all others who may be interested in improving their writing.

For writing assistance, please visit us in person in either Knobview 208 or the Library. Use our Web site for valuable resources; we have included handouts, guidelines, videos, podcasts, and many other links to help you with writing questions and concerns.  Our resources assist you with general writing tips, documentation, and many other projects. Also, you can talk to us using our e-mail, Live Chat option, or Skype™ video conference.

Learning to write well is a process, so our conferences are one-on-one conversations where we assist you with whatever writing concern you have. We will point out problem areas and discuss ways you can correct these issues. Our mission is to improve students' writing skills one assignment at a time and, in turn, create stronger writers at IU Southeast.

Lets talk about your writing.
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