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Staff Listing

Meyer, Leigh Ann
Writing Center Director
Leigh Meyer

As Director of The IU Southeast Writing Center, I would like to invite all students who would like to discuss any writing project to come either to KV 208 or the Library location and to meet our friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful writing consultants. I have been a writing/literature instructor here for twenty years and have worked with students and their writing at every level and stage of development. At the beginning of my college education, I had not been prepared by my high school to write at the university level, so I am grateful to those who took the time to help me grow into the writer I am today, and I welcome the opportunity to pay it forward to some degree. I believe in our mission to make our students “stronger writers.”

Spencer, Patricia
Professional Writing Consultant
Patricia Spencer

Every day I enjoy working with students who need help with writing, and in helping those students, I aspire to become, fully, me.

My own writing passion is poetry. Check out my poetry by searching Ebscohost, Academic Search Premier. Type in Patricia Spencer and Speaking—be sure to type in the word “and.”

If you want to know more, take a look at my Web page.

My name is Patricia Spencer, and I approve this message.

Blessett, Alison
Student Writing Consultant
Alison Blessett

Alison Blessett is an elementary education major with a minor in computer education. She specializes in APA, MLA, reflective writing, book reviews, summaries, research writing, and essays. In addition to working in The Writing Center, Alison tutors in the math lab, is a math teacher assistant, a lifeguard, and a mentor.

Cloud, John
Student Writing Consultant
John Cloud

John Cloud is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in piano performance. He prefers MLA formatted writing but can help a student with anything. John is willing to work with a student who is at any level of writing.

Kleier, Shannon
Student Writing Consultant
Shannon Kleier

Shannon Kleier will graduate Spring 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in English: writing concentration and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She specializes in MLA and APA formatting, creative writing, literature reviews and analyses, and writing within psychology. Delve into her psyche to find out more about her obsession with Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series.

Swearingen, Trevor
Student Writing Consultant
Trevor Swearingen

Trevor Swearingen is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with an emphasis on speech. He specializes in social media. Trevor enjoys keeping up with new trends and social media. "I can't live without social media."

Watkins, Jonathon
Student Writing Consultant
Jonathon Watkins

Jonathan Watkins graduated from IU Southeast with a Bachelor of Arts in English writing and literature. He specializes in MLA formatting, creative writing, research papers, and the Oxford Comma.

Morris, Christopher
Student Writing Consultant
Christopher Morris

Christopher Morris is studying psychology. He specializes in APA and MLA formatting and argumentative writing. He believes you should "leave your legacy in your writing."

Dowell, Robin
Student Writing Consultant

Robin Dowell is studying psychology. She specializes in MLA formatting. Robin would love to work with students on scientific writings and guides. She likes to laugh, eat, and pet her cats.

Royalty, Alan
Student Writing Consultant

Alan Royalty will receive his Bachelor of Arts in English: writing concentration and philosophy minor. He specializes in MLA and argumentative writing/rhetoric. Alan is an avid cat enthusiast.

Beach, David
Student Writing Consultant

David Beach will graduate May of 2015 with an associates degree in theater and Bachelor of Arts in English: writing concentration. He specializes in writer’s block, brainstorming ideas to get started, literature analyses, researching, and creative writing. David believes you should "write hard; edit harder."

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