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Staff Listing

Meyer, Leigh Ann
Writing Center Director
Leigh Meyer

As Director of The IU Southeast Writing Center, I would like to invite all students who would like to discuss any writing project to come either to KV 208 or the Library location and to meet our friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful writing consultants. I have been a writing/literature instructor here for twenty years and have worked with students and their writing at every level and stage of development. At the beginning of my college education, I had not been prepared by my high school to write at the university level, so I am grateful to those who took the time to help me grow into the writer I am today, and I welcome the opportunity to pay it forward to some degree. I believe in our mission to make our students “stronger writers.”

Spencer, Patricia
Professional Writing Consultant
Patricia Spencer

Every day I enjoy working with students who need help with writing, and in helping those students, I aspire to become, fully, me.

My own writing passion is poetry. Check out my poetry by searching Ebscohost, Academic Search Premier. Type in Patricia Spencer and Speaking—be sure to type in the word “and.”

If you want to know more, take a look at my Web page.

My name is Patricia Spencer, and I approve this message.

Blessett, Alison
Student Writing Consultant
Alison Blessett

Hey guys, my name is Alison Blessett, and I am currently a sophomore here at Indiana University Southeast. I will be majoring in elementary education, and I will hopefully be graduating in three years. I am a full-time student with a busy schedule, but I have loved every minute that I have spent helping students around campus with whatever troubles they have had. Be it math, science, or writing, I love to help those who need it and who cannot find any other place to go to. Now I have been given a great opportunity to help others in the biggest way possible. I am here at The Writing Center! COME TO ME! No, I am just joking. I am now in the central mind of the university. This is awesome to me because I can now help in a new way, through a student’s writing. After being a math tutor here at IUS for a full year, I really have not been able to help students in other ways. Now I am excited and “pumped” to assist with a student’s personal writing. It is just mind blowing to me to be able to see writers’ lives through their words and be a part of helping them get their purposes across.

Cloud, John
Student Writing Consultant
John Cloud

Hi there. My name is John Cloud. I am majoring in piano performance and have been in college for two years. Unlike some of the other individuals on this list, writing has not always been a talent of mine. My progress in this area only began upon my arrival at IUS. My writing style varies. Some days it is very elaborate and flowery. On others, however, it is abrupt and to the point. I don’t have any preferred consultation topics, but our discussions will be much more effective if you come in well before your assignments due date. During the months that college is in session, I have very few non-college hobbies. On other months, though, I enjoy a wide range of PC games under the username Ouerbacker. If you choose to come in and work with me, I’m sure we’ll make you a better writer.

Kleier, Shannon
Student Writing Consultant
Shannon Kleier

Hello! I’m Shannon, the Lead Consultant here at The Writing Center. This is the fifth semester that I’ve been with The Writing Center, and I truly love my job. I’m passionate about writing & helping others, and I’m so excited that I get to combine those two passions with my work here. As a double major in English Writing and Psychology I have the skills and experience to help you with any of your writing issues, so I hope that you’ll come see me during one my shifts at the Library location. I’m very comfortable helping you with your academic writing projects, but I also really enjoy working with more creative projects. As a writer myself (primarily of poetry and creative non-fiction) it’s always a great experience for me to read others’ work. Come see me or any of our other awesome consultants the next time you’re stumped about your writing, and we will help you through it!

Scifres, Anthony
Student Writing Consultant
Anthony Scifres

My name is Anthony Scifres, but the government knows me as Joseph since that is my legal first name. I’m an English literature major. I enjoy reading and collecting books. My favorite author would most definitely be John Steinbeck. He’s a god among men. I pride myself on my personal library, and I’m always striving to read and collect more. I love the smell of books and Pokemon cards more than anything in the entire world. Actually, I love my son the most, but he doesn’t smell as nice all the time. I’ve enjoyed academics for my entire life. My goal is to remain in academia forever and hopefully teach one day. I’m very excited about the possibility of working for The Writing Center after I complete W-397. Oh, and I think Rally’s is the best fast-food restaurant in the world.

Swearingen, Trevor
Student Writing Consultant
Trevor Swearingen

Hello, my name is Trevor Swearingen. I am a freshman who wants to pursue a major in communications. I currently give presentations to First Year Seminar classes and enjoy every minute of it! Interacting, informing, and speaking to others is a passion of mine, and I hope to utilize those skills in The Writing Center throughout my journey at IU Southeast.

Walsh, Logan
Student Writing Consultant
Logan Walsh

Compelling me to work as a consultant in the Writing Center is a strong desire to help my fellow classmates develop solid writing skills and habits.  A senior at Indiana University Southeast, I'm a double major in English and fine arts.  I enjoy writing creative fiction, throwing ceramics, and collecting antiquarian books (Pre 19th Century).  Establishing a close relationship with the professors at IUS, often times I'm able to work with peers in deciphering assignments and formulating papers that meet the requirements.  Stop by and let's see how to best address your concerns and needs.

Watkins, Jonathon
Student Writing Consultant
Jonathon Watkins

First off, anybody seeking my help in the Writing Center must bring a shrubbery…ni! Anybody who gets that joke, we shall get along famously! Anybody who does not get that particular joke, come in anyways! Along with knowing useless Monty Python references, I am a dual-concentration English major, fan of The Wire (I feel the need to interject that into any bio…) and an avid reader of everything from Ghost in the Shell to The Canterbury Tales. My writing medium preferences are equally diverse - ranging from everything from flash fiction to movie scripts. This is all a very convoluted way of saying I would thoroughly enjoy reading any paper (creative or research oriented) you bring to The Writing Center—even more enjoyable would be the opportunity to help you with any concerns you have regarding said paper. Those sentiments are shared amongst the entire gang here at The Writing Center—minus a talking Great Dane…because we are still working on the funding for that one (you’re welcome, Alex).

Morris, Christopher
Student Writing Consultant
Christopher Morris
I am a psychology major. I became a member of The Writing Center about four years ago and have remained active in one way or another throughout my college career. I have learned to really enjoy writing and view it more as a way to grow rather than a milestone to overcome. I really enjoy helping other students and look forward to helping you become a better writer. 

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