Music Department

Applied Music Instructor Evaluation

If you have been enrolled in an Applied Music (private music lessons) course, please complete the following evaluation of your Instructor.

The information you provide is confidential and anonymous.

1. Indicate your general level of proficiency in this medium:


2. Indicate your satisfaction with your progress this semester:


3. Indicate the level of your instructor's interest in and dedication to your progress:


4. Has your instructor given your lessons on time as scheduled?:


5. Has your instructor given you all lessons (generally, students should have 14 lessons per semester)?:


6. Does your instructor communicate clearly what you are expected to learn for each lesson and for the semester as a whole?:


7. Compared to other teachers you've had, how do you rate this instructor?:


8. Would you continue to take lessons from this instructor and/or recommend this instructor to other students?:


9. COMMENTS (Please provide any comments you may have about this instructor):