Music Department

Music Scholarship Application

In order to be considered for a music scholarship, candidates must complete this online music scholarship application.
In addition to this application, applicants must perform an audition.

For information on audition requirements and audition dates, please visit our scholarship information page.

After submitting this application, you must schedule an audition time online.

This application is for scholarship consideration only.
If you wish to be considered for a scholarship and be considered for acceptance into the Music Department to earn a music degree,
do not complete this application. Instead, complete the
Music Department Audition Application.

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*If you have not yet been issued an Indiana University Student Identification Number, please contact the IU Southeast Admissions Office at (812) 941-2212 or e-mail Students wishing to be admitted to the Music Department must also be admitted to Indiana University Southeast through the IU Southeast Admissions Office.


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Indicate the music scholarship(s) for which you wish to be considered. Click on the scholarship name to view details and qualifications for that particular scholarship. NOTE: Those wishing to be considered for a scholarship music audition on either the February or March audition date.
    Rasmussen Music Scholarship    Schansberg String Scholarship    Poteet Band Scholarship    Greckel Music Scholarship *
    McMahel Music Scholarship *    Stiefler Music Scholarship *    Music Composition Scholarship *
*NOTE:The Greckel, McMahel, Stiefler, and Music Composition scholarships are available to music majors only. The Martha K. Stem Scholarship is available only to incoming freshmen music majors. To apply for the Stem Scholarship, you must complete the Music Department Audition Application.
  List the instrument(s) or voice category (i.e., Piano, Violin, Trumpet, Voice-soprano, etc.) you will perform:
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  If not yet an IU Southeast student, what is your intended major?: 
  NOTE: If you intend to be a music major, you should not complete this form. Instead, complete the Music Department Audition Application.
  Are you transfering from another college/university? If so, list the college/university from where you are transfering: 
  Briefly summarize your musical experience/education at the high school and/or college level: 
  Provide the names of your past and current private music teachers and dates of study. List the most recent first:
  Do you play any other instruments or sing?. If so, list below and indicate number of years studied:
  List any special honors or awards you have recieved pertaining to music:
  List the works - along with the composers - you will be performing at your audition (minimum of two selections):

You must provide your own accompanist if one is needed for your audition. If you need assistance in securing an accompanist, you can view our list of recommended accompanists and contact them directly. Be advised that you will need to contact an accompanist as far in advance of your audition date as possible. Also, please be aware that you will need to negotiate accompanist fees with the accompanist.


In order for a music scholarship application to be complete, students should provide at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher, director, or other professional musician familiar with the student's abilities, as well as a recent transcript. Current IU Southeast students may submit a printout of their transcript from OneStart in lieu of an official transcript from the Registrar's office. High School and Transfer students who have already submitted a transcript to the IU Southeast Admissions Office can request a copy of that transcript be sent to the Music Department (contact the Admissions Office to do this). These materials should be sent to: Music Scholarships, Music Department, Indiana University Southeast, 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN 47150, or faxed to (812) 941-2660, or e-mailed to

  I have requested a copy of a transcript be sent to the Music Department
  I have sent a copy of my transcript to the Music Department
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  I will send a copy of my transcript to the Music Department

  I have requested a letter of recommendation be sent to the Music Department
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I understand that withholding pertinent information requested on this form or giving false information will make me ineligible for a music scholarship, or will make any scholarship awarded to me subject to cancellation.