Do I need to submit a budget in a Summer Faculty Fellowship application?

No, summer faculty fellowship applications do not require a budget. The entire amount of the award ($8000) is paid as a faculty stipend.

Do I need to submit a cover page with my application?

Yes, please submit a cover page with all applications it makes it easier for the Academic Affairs office staff and the Research & Grants committee to keep the applications organized. The only exception is Second Meeting Travel applications. The cover page can be found here. (PDF)

Do I need to submit letters of support?

Junior faculty members or faculty who have not received research funding in the past are encouraged to submit a letter of support from their dean and from at least one other faculty member. Letters of support are not required for faculty members with a research track record, but all letters of support will serve to strengthen your application.

Can I submit a Second Meeting Travel request before I receive confirmation that my abstract has been accepted?

Yes. The deadlines for second meeting travel may not match the deadlines for abstract acceptance notification, so we will accept applications even if the abstract has not yet been accepted. Award of funding will be contingent on acceptance of the abstract.

Can I submit a Second Meeting Travel request for a third or fourth meeting?

Yes, you can submit an SMT request for all meetings in a given year after the first meeting for which your school travel funds were used.

When will I hear the committee’s decision?

The R&G committee meets 7 to 10 days after the grant deadlines. For some deadlines, the number of applications requires two meetings before final decisions can be made. The Dean for Research will notify you of the committee decision via e-mail within one week of the R&G meeting.

When are the application deadlines?

Application deadlines can be found here.

What are the deadlines for sabbatical applications?

Draft sabbatical applications are due October 1.
Final sabbatical applications are due November 21.
R&G review of the draft sabbatical is an important part of the sabbatical approval process. It is in your best interest to submit a complete draft for the committee.

Can funds be used to pay/refund per diem?

R&G funds cannot typically be used to pay or refund per diem costs of travel.

Do I need to submit a route sheet even for a small external grant?

Yes, route sheets are required for all applications for external funds. The route sheet allows the appropriate administrators to be aware of the request for funds and it initiates the process that establishes an account in which the funds (if awarded) will be deposited. Information about the electronic route sheet process can be found here.