Accounts Payable is responsible for:

  1. Scheduling payments for APO's and Purchase Orders
  2. Auditing and approving Disbursement Vouchers (DV's)

Policy and Procedures

For Accounts Payable Policy and Procedures, see Indiana University Accounts Payable.

Payment Processing

Accounts Payable is responsible for scheduling payment for Automatic Purchase Orders (APO'S) that are placed by IU Southeast's departments and for scheduling payment for invoices after a department processes a purchase requisition and purchasing issues an IU Southeast purchase order number. Accounts Payable's role is to schedule checks for payment to vendors, but Accounts Payable does not issue checks to vendors. Accounts Payable enters the information into the IU KFS system and schedules the payment to be made, but the actual checks are printed at and mailed to the vendor by Financial Management Services (FMS) at IU Bloomington.

Once Accounts Payable has processed an invoice and created a check request, a PREQ document will appear in the department's designated person's Action List. A payment request must be approved before payment will go out. If a payment request remains unapproved on the payment date, the system will auto approve the payment request and the check will be issued the next day. This step provides an opportunity to hold payment if services are not yet met. This procedure also allows departments to view the scanned image of the invoice.

Check Payment Status

Check the status of a payment.

Uploading Disbursement Voucher (DV) Documentation

The DV cover sheet and back-up documentation should be scanned and uploaded for approval and audit to the IU DV Upload Tool.