Base Org Review Guidelines

Below is a list Accounting Services uses to review requisitions that route to the Base Org Review group for approval before routing to Purchasing for final review or directly to the vendor for ordering.

Please review the guidelines below so that your requisition document has all the needed notes and approvals prior to submission to ensure prompt processing. Orders that do not follow the procedures noted may be delayed or disapproved.

Marketing Orders

Marketing orders (anything with the IU logo or referencing IU Southeast, items charged to 4502/4802, etc.) should have artwork approved by Marketing. Please include a note with an email attachment noting approval from Marketing when submitting your requisition.

If orders do not have noted approval, Accounting Services will reach out to Marketing to confirm approval. If a purchase has not been reviewed/approved by Marketing, the Accounting Services Base Org Review group will disapprove the requisition.

NOTE: For any large orders ($12K+) for object code 4502 or 4802, initiators must complete a Marketing & Communication Application for approval by following this link: Marketing & Communication Request Form. A PAGR approval number must be noted on the requisition in order to be approved by the Base Org Review group.

IT Related orders

All IT related orders must route through UITS using the guidelines below. If an IT related order is placed by the department instead of routing through UITS, the requisition will be disapproved.

Software: To request software purchases for the Southeast campus, departments should submit a SSSP Form: Software & Services Selection Process Form. Please contact IT (Billy White or Danny Clements) prior to completing the SSSP Form for assistance. Requestors will be notified via email when the form has been received, and a UITS representative from our campus will be copied on the email. Our campus UITS representative will use information from the submitted form to prepare the order and will work with the department directly regarding any billing questions. NOTE: A separate IT Service Request form is not needed for software purchases, as the SSSP form serves that purpose.

The following items must be requested through the IT Service Request Form:

  • Computing devices: Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets/Mobile Devices.
  • Storage devices: Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, SD Cards etc.
  • Presentation displays: Projectors and Televisions
  • Network Equipment: Routers, Switches, Wireless, and Virtual Servers

Potential liability issues

The vendor for any purchase involving potential liability issues should provide a $1 million Certificate of Liability Insurance to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). If your department has an event with a potential liability issue (dunk tank rental, bouncy house, 5K walk/run, etc.), please ensure that the certificate has been forwarded to ERM and make note on the requisition accordingly.

For Programs Involving Children (PIC), events must be on file with University Police. Please note on the requisition that an event has been reported to University Police for audit and approval purposes.

Furniture purchases

Furniture or furnishings include, but are not limited to:

  • Workstations
  • Desks
  • Reupholstering Services
  • Tables (i.e. Conference, End/Coffee)
  • Technology Related Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Furniture that will be placed in public areas
  • Floorcoverings (any loose or installed material on the floor, to include rugs)
  • Wallcovering (any material installed on/ adhered to the wall)
  • Window Covering (any material installed on or at a window)
  • Window Film on interior or exterior windows
  • Casework/ millwork
  • Signage
  • Area rug
  • Artwork

Furniture and Furnishings

Furniture purchases must go through the University Architect's Office (UAO) unless the item is available on the Unrestricted Furniture List (see "Open Line Item catalog"). If an item is needed that is not on the unrestricted furniture list, departments must submit a Request for Service (RFS) form. The "Request Type" for the RFS form should be "Furniture Only". UAO will work up a quote for the furniture item and return it to the department for review. UAO will place the order/submit a requisition on the department's behalf if the department decides to move forward with the quote.


Small Office accessories for personal/private offices may now be purchased using your IU Purchasing card. Following is a list of examples:

  • Floor and Desk Lamps (must be UL listed)
  • Garment racks & coat trees
  • Clocks for private offices
  • Frames for diplomas or certificates for private offices

A note should be added to the requisition indicating it is for a personal office space in order to be approved by the Accounting Services Base Org Review group.

Blanket/recurring orders

Blanket or recurring orders are those that will cover a range of dates. For example, Facility Operations may have an order open for lumber that would cover the entire fiscal year from 7/1-6/30.

When creating a requisition for a blanket order, please be sure to note the "Type of Recurring Payment" and the "Begin/End Date" under the "Payment Info" tab.

If this field is not completed for blanket orders, the requisition will be disapproved.

Check enclosed orders

If a check needs to be sent up front to a vendor along with the PO or a check is needed in hand on our campus, special procedures must be followed for the requisition to ensure that Purchasing reviews the order and has needed information to request payment through Accounts Payable.

  1. The “Delivery Instructions” field of the requisition should be completed with details regarding how the payment should be sent (Example: Check enclosed – Mail to vendor, Check enclosed – Send payment to SE campus by 12/17/18).
  2. The “Restricted” checkbox should be selected for each item on the order.

Gift card purchases

Gift cards are a restricted item and are intended to be used as incentives with participants in research studies. All purchases of gift cards must be compliant with Indiana University Policies relating to the use of University Funds, hospitality and gifts; see Fin.ACC-I-30 - Fiscal Misconduct, Fin.ACC-I-35 - Fraud, and FIN.ACC-I-50 – Allowable Hospitality Expenses. A condition for all order requests is a deliberate affirmation (acknowledgement) by the requestor and Fiscal Officer/Delegate that they have read, understand and agree to the Indiana University Polices and that no gift cards will be for personal use or given as personal gifts.

All gift card purchases should have the following questions answered as a note on the document:

  1. Please provide statement of the business purpose for the gift cards.
  2. How is the recipient of the gift card chosen?
  3. Who will be the recipient of the gift card (students, staff, or community member?)

Student travel purchases

Purchases for student travel must include an email/MachForm in the notes of the requisition indicating that the Office of Financial Aid has been notified of payment.

Unallowable items

  • iPads with cellular service
  • Phones (must be approved by HR for business purpose)
  • Desktop computers/printer for home use
  • Microwaves & refrigerators (most cases)
  • 8 foot tables
  • Space heaters (unless approval given and order placed by Facility Operations)

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