Please email to contact the IU Southeast Accreditation team.

Uric Dufrene, Co-Coordinator
Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

Angela Salas, Co-Coordinator
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

Criterion One Working Group – Mission

Marty Rosen, Chair
Director of Library Services

Jay McTyier

Kelly Ryan
Dean, School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor of History

Criterion Two Working Group – Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Angela Salas, Chair
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Professor of English/Director of Honors Program
Accreditation Co-Coordinator

Steven Krolak
Interim Academic Information Officer

Criterion Three Working Group – Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support

Jamie Kauffman, Chair
Professor of Communication Studies

Kathy Ernstberger
Professor of Business Administration

Ryan Norwood
Academic Resource Coordinator, Student Development Center

Criterion Four Working Group – Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Ron Severtis, Chair
Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Chris Crews
Director of Recruitment and Admission

Donna Dahlgren
Dean of Student Success and Persistence
Professor of Psychology/First Year Seminar Director

Jim Hesselman
Dean, School of Arts and Letters
Associate Professor of Theatre

Victor Waingeh
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Criterion Five Working Group – Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

Uric Dufrene, Chair
Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Accreditation Co-Coordinator

Melissa Hill
Director of Academic Accounting Services

Dana Wavle
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs