Indiana University Southeast is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, or HLC, which has responsibility for assuring to the federal government, as well as the public, that the university is fulfilling its responsibilities under Title IV. Among those responsibilities are providing an exceptional education and undertaking continuous quality improvement.

During the 2014-15 academic year, Indiana University Southeast sought and was granted admission to the HLC’s Academy for Student Persistence and Completion. This multi-year commitment will serve as our quality initiative with the HLC, will demonstrate our ongoing commitment to a culture of student success, and will help increase our levels of student persistence and completion. Participation in the Academy fulfills the Quality Initiative requirement. Please review the application for details.

As the result of preliminary work in the Academy, the members of the HLC Academy for Student Persistence and Completion proposed, and received approval from the offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, to form a small, cross-functional Persistence and Completion Council that will be responsible for examining, disseminating, and integrating persistence data to increase student success at Indiana University Southeast.

The Persistence and Completion Council will be examining and leveraging data we have about our students to identify priorities that can impact student persistence. It will require, at times, the expertise and efforts of various units, programs, and content experts across campus; thus, one purpose of this note to is to ask you for your willingness to help in these efforts. As the Council establishes priorities, you will be contacted directly requesting your expertise and time.

This Council was formed to provide an agile, focused, data-driven, and proactive approach to retention and completion. The Council is currently preparing a strategy to communicate its efforts to stakeholders on this campus about what is being done to address persistence and completion. The work of the Persistence and Completion Council will serve as an important component for our continued accreditation.

View the HLC’s Quality Initiative Panel Review and Recommendation Form for Indiana University Southeast. This fulfills our Quality Initiative and marks the completion of our Persistence and Completion Academy participation. The work of the PCC continues.

Council Membership
Dr. Donna Dahlgren
Dr. Annette Wyandotte
Ron Severtis
Amanda Stonecipher

Persistence and Completion Council Briefs
PCC Brief 1
PCC Brief 2

PCC Logo

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