Please be advised that ACES has moved to University Center South 106.

Still deciding on a major? Considering changing majors? Wanting to learn about what kinds of majors IU Southeast has to offer? This event is a great opportunity for students to explore the wide variety of academic majors, minors, and certificates offered through the schools at IU Southeast by talking to faculty, professional advisors, and academic clubs. Explore areas of interest, discover majors you didn’t know existed and start the process of choosing the right major at IU Southeast.

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location: Hoosier Room

Common questions that are often asked at the event

  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
  • What is the admission process to your program?
  • Are there specific prerequisite classes?
  • What kinds of jobs are graduates from your program finding?
  • What activities do you recommend to help me explore your major?
  • What opportunities to gain experience are provided within your major?
  • Does your major require an internship?
  • Is your major a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science?
    • What is your math requirement?
    • Does your major require a foreign language?
  • What minors does your school offer?

Who Should Attend Major Exploration Events

  • Students uncertain about what major to choose
  • Students who are officially declared a major but are considering other options
  • Students who are declared a major but would like to explore adding another major, minor, or certificate

Come to the Major Exploration Events to

  • Explore all of academic majors/minors/certificates awaiting you at IU Southeast
  • Discover career opportunities
  • Discover experiences, such as international programs or internships
  • Speak with professors, advisors & students
  • Take the next steps towards graduation