Departmental workpapers for FY20 are ready and available online. Please check the KFS system to view or print a copy of your FY20 budget(s).

It is everyone's responsibility, but especially account managers, to ensure that funds are utilized in the most appropriate way in relation to your departmental mission statement and that you are not committed beyond the level that is budgeted. You should ensure that you are operating within your established funding level.

If you wish to reallocate current year funds between non-compensation object codes to better meet your needs, you are free to do so. If you are creating your own budget adjustments in the KFS, please do not make base fund changes. Salary and wage funds are not available for reallocation to other expenses.

Please feel free to contact Melissa Hill or the Office of Administrative Affairs if you have any questions regarding your FY20 budget(s). Thank you for your assistance in managing our financial resources. We appreciate your efforts.

Accessing your budget in IUIE:

  • Enter the following information:
  • Fiscal Year: 2020
  • Chart of Account Code: SE
  • Account Number: 08XXXXX (enter your account number)
  • Select Output Format as Browser or Word Processor (RTF)
  • Click "Run"

Campus Budget Resources:

View the FY20 Budget Overview PDF »

View the FY19 Budget Overview PDF »