Frequently Asked Questions

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions by Adult and Returning Students

Is it too late for me to go back to school?

Absolutely not! And you might be interested to know that according to the U.S. Department of Education adult students are the fastest growing educational demographic, and these numbers are steadily increasing, so follow your dreams and get that degree.

Are there other adults in the classroom?

Here’s a neat statistic for you: approximately 42% of the student population at IU Southeast are adult students. They are students just like you—adults that work, have family and other obligations that take up a lot of their time and energy. And like you, they dream of earning a college degree too.

How much does it cost to attend?

Your tuition will be determined by the number of credit hours you are taking per semester. There are also associated fees and book costs. However, after comparing IU Southeast’s tuition with other colleges in the area, you’ll agree that we are the best deal around. For more detailed information on tuition, visit the Office of the Bursar website.

Is there financial assistance available?

You bet! Financial aid for adult students is available in the form of grants, low-interest loans, scholarships, and work-study employment. Part-time students as well as those attending full-time are eligible for financial aid. The IU Southeast financial aid professionals are wonderful to work with, so check out the Financial Aid website and give them a call.

Are there evening and weekend classes?

Yep. There are evening classes, weekend classes, morning classes, afternoon classes, classes that meet once a week, classes that meet twice a week. You get the point: IU Southeast has a very flexible class schedule.

Is child care available?

Absolutely, and if you look around, you’ll find tha IU Southeast is the ONLY campus in the Louisville Metropolitan area that has a children’s center. The prices are reasonable and the facilities are great. Check it out!

Will my credits from another college transfer in?

IU Southeast has a generous credit transfer policy. There’s also a transfer specialist in the admissions office, and a whole webpage dedicated to these types of questions. For more detailed information about this subject, visit the Office of Admissions website.

How will I know what classes to take?

IU Southeast has a wonderful group of advisors who are eager to work with you as you explore majors and select classes. Please visit the Academic Advising website for advising tips and contact information.

Will I succeed?

You’ll certainly give it your best shot!! Anyway, our adult students are some of our brightest, most dedicated students. They are our leaders, our role models, and quite frankly professors love them for the experiences they bring to the classroom. You’ll succeed, and besides, IU Southeast has all the resources and help you’ll need should you hit a bump in the road.

OK, I’m interested. How do I get started?

Easy. Just contact the Admissions Office at (812) 941-2212 and they’ll get you started. Dream on. See you soon.