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Advising is big at IU Southeast. It's a critical part of helping students design and navigate their learning journeys. Your advisor can help you map out your courses, so that you can find the most efficient route to on-time graduation in your field, and the best match for your intended career. But first and foremost, our advisors are here to listen, and to help you bring your personal and professional goals into focus. And since those goals can change, your advisor will keep listening and helping, right up to graduation.

Not sure about your field? Not a problem. Half of our students start school without a major. Our advisors know the world is complex and your unique combination of interests may require a special approach. They also know that students who define their major are more likely to graduate on time, without taking classes they don't need. That's why we developed ACES, the Advising Center for Exploratory Students. ACES guides undeclared students through undergraduate coursework toward graduation.

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