• Attend NEW STUDENT INDUCTION (August 26) activities: this will introduce you to academic resources and services on campus. It is also a special day because you will be inducted into Indiana University Southeast.
  • Purchase books and supplies for your scheduled courses at ORIENTATION or before the beginning of classes!
  • Check your registration schedule on One.IU to make sure it is accurate and print a copy to have with you.
  • Locate the classrooms where your scheduled classes will be held.
  • E-mail your advisor if your schedule needs to be changed and to let him/her know how your first week of class is going.
  • Pick up an Academic Planner from Campus Life Office.


  • First Week of Sept. - Set up a weekly study schedule.
  • First Week of Sept. - From your course syllabi, plot out the important dates for exams, tests, projects, etc. for the entire semester.
  • Know your instructors' office hours and find when they fit your schedule; drop in at least once to start to build a working relationship with your instructors.
  • Check out the Writing Center, Language Labs, Math Lab and Student Success Center if you have classes that relate to these facilities. Plan regular visits to these resources as a part of your study plan for the semester.


  • First Week of Oct. – ADVISING WEEK. Make an appointment with your advisor to talk about courses to consider taking next semester.
  • Continue meeting with your instructors on a regular basis.
  • Make any decisions about changing your schedule by the drop deadline.
  • Register for Spring Classes. You will find your appointment date and time for registration on One.IU.


  • Talk with classmates about study groups for final exams.
  • Are you considering changing your major or would like to explore career options? Consider taking COAS S200 Career Choices and Competencies in the Spring.
  • Apply for Scholarships through the Financial Aid Office.


  • Freshmen must take a First-Year Seminar by the end of the Spring Semester, if you were unable to fit one in during the Fall.
  • Contact your advisor and let him/her know how your first semester went.
  • Talk to your advisor about fine tuning your Spring Semester courses based on your Fall Semester experiences.


  • Set up a study plan for the semester like you did last semester.
  • Schedule regular trips to your instructor's office hours and to the pertinent academic support resources.


  • Take a moment to evaluate your progress in your current classes.
  • If you need to do so, find a tutor to help strengthen your academic performance. Visit the Student Success Center.


  • If you are thinking about taking any classes in the summer, meet with your advisor to discuss options.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor about course selection for next year and your tentative academic plan.
  • Search One.IU to find courses that fit your interests.
  • Take stock of your academic progress in your current courses and make any decisions about changing your schedule by the drop deadline
  • Register for Summer and Fall classes. You will find your appointment date and time for registration on One.IU


  • Prepare for FINALS.


  • CELEBRATE your success by attending activities on campus.
  • ENJOY Summer School!


  • Spend some time over the summer thinking about or researching possible career areas that you might be interested in pursuing. Visit Career Services, US 106 to meet with a career counselor.
  • Use a summer job, internship, or volunteer work to help you experience some of the career areas that you are considering.
  • Research, experience, and explore: considering your first year outcomes, what else do you need to know to move forward? Consider Study Abroad, Readings & Research, job shadowing, volunteering, and more to clarify your interests and goals.

Advising Syllabus