Do I have to see an advisor before I can register?

Yes, you must see an advisor if you meet any of the criteria below:

  • You are new to IU Southeast
  • You are a conditional admission
  • You are undecided about your major
  • Your GPA is below a 2.0

For advisor contact information, visit Who is My Advisor?

Where can I get a copy of my transcript?

You can get a copy of your transcript on One.IU, go to your Student Center and click on "My Academics and Grades". There will be a link to access your transcript.

If you need to have a copy of your official transcript, contact the Registrar's office.

Can I register any time I want?

No. You have been assigned a registration date and time that will be posted on One.IU a week or two before registration opens. Search for "Student Center" and click on the application. You will find the date and time on which you may register in the sidebar under "Enrollment Dates". You may register online anytime after that date and time, provided you do not have any holds on your account.

Do I have to attend Induction Day?

Please visit our New Students webpage for more information.

What if I can't get in touch with my advisor?

During peak advising times, it may be difficult to schedule an appointment with an advisor right away. Please see our Advising and Registration Hints information for steps to take to ensure you get the classes you need.

I lost my schedule. Where can I get another one?

On One.IU, search for "Student Center" then, go into the application and click on "Class Schedule Details".

How can I replace a grade in a class?

See your academic advisor to fill out a grade replacement form and plan to retake the class. More information about grade replacement can be found on the Student Central Grade Changes page.

How do I drop a class?

Before dropping a class, the best practice is to meet with an academic advisor and/or a financial aid counselor to determine the consequences of dropping a particular class. Once you are sure you need to drop a class:
If you are dropping within the first week of classes, simply go to One.IU, search for "Student Center" and enter the application. Click on the "Register, Drop/Add" link and follow the instructions. After the first week of classes, search for the “Late Drop / Add Classes” application in One.IU.

In order to receive a W (and avoid getting an automatic F), you must drop before the official Last Day to Withdraw date. Check the Academic Calendar for dates. If it is after the drop time, see your academic advisor.

Where can I get help planning my schedule?

Your academic advisor is here to help you plan your schedule. For advisor contact information to schedule an appointment, visit Who is My Advisor?

What is Academic Bankruptcy?

If you have been out of school at IU Southeast for two consecutive years, you may have a maximum of two semesters of IU Southeast course work removed from your record. You must see your advisor to request bankruptcy. For more information visit the Student Central Grade Forgiveness page.

Can I call my advisor and get my grades over the phone?

No. The Federal Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) does not allow us to share confidential information over the phone.