Advising is an important part of your success at IU Southeast. By working with your academic advisor, they can help you

  • Take ownership of your college career
  • Explore and help you learn your degree and certification requirements
  • Show you strategies to effectively plan and map out your course schedule
  • Effectively use your electives so can possibly add a double major or minor
  • Help you understand important policies & procedures regarding your academics
  • Inform you of and help you achieve Internships, study abroad
  • Assist you in preparing for potential careers and applying to graduate school
  • Help you master important academic success skills like time management, learning styles, study skills, reading comprehension, and more

However, first and foremost our advisors are here to listen, and to help you succeed. So consistently meet with your academic advisor you will be on track to graduate on time and reach your academic goals!

Not sure who your academic advisor is? Click Who Is My Advisor?