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What kind of course load should a full-time student take?

The usual full-time course load for entering freshmen is between 12 and 16 credit hours each regular semester. (A student enrolled in fewer than 12 hours in a fall or spring semester is classified as part-time.) To determine the course load most appropriate for you, please refer to the recommendations in the following charts.

The chart suggestions below refer to fall or spring semesters, not to summer sessions. In summer sessions 8 hours is the maximum load unless written permission to take more has been granted by the student's division.

Suggested Course Load Guidelines
High School Record Suggested Course Load If Not Working Employment Obligations Suggested Course Load
Mostly A's and B's 15-16 hours Working 40 hours/week 6 hours maximum
Mostly B's and C's 14-15 hours Working approximately 30 hours/week 6-9 hours maximum
Mostly C's 13-14 hours Working approximately 20 hours/week 9-12 hours
Admitted to IU Southeast on probation 12-13 hours maximum Working less than 20 hours/week 12-16 hours