Register For Classes

This guide is designed to walk you through the steps of registering for the upcoming semester at IU Southeast. Take control of your education by learning your degree requirements and registering on time!

Spring 2019
Registration Dates
Early (priority) Registration October 29, 2018
Open Registration November 2, 2018

Step 1 - Know Your Priority Registration Date

Priority registration week for winter, spring, and summer classes is October 29 through November 2. All current students are assigned a priority registration date. You can register on or after your assigned date. Registering on this date will give you the best chance of getting your ideal course schedule.

Priority registration date assignments will be available on October 1. To view your priority registration date, visit your Student Center and click "Start". Your registration date is listed below "Enrollment Dates".

Step 2 - Review Your Degree Requirements

Understanding the requirements for your degree enables you to take ownership over your education, make informed decisions about the classes you take, and stay on track to graduation on time. IU Southeast provides several ways for students to keep track of their degree requirements

Degree Check Sheets
If you have met with your academic advisor, you likely received a degree check sheet for your major or potential major. This check sheet can be regularly updated to show the classes that you have completed and the classes that you still need to complete to earn your degree. It is a good idea to bring your check sheet any time you meet with your academic advisor. If you have misplaced your degree check sheet, please email your advisor for an updated one. Visit the Who is My Advisor? webpage to find contact information.

Academic Advisement Report (AAR)
If you have a declared major, you can view your degree requirements through the AAR, a personalized degree progress report. For help navigating the AAR, consult the Registrar’s resource page or the AAR tutorial video.

What-If Academic Advisement Report
If you are exploring majors or would like to add a minor, you can use the What-If report to view degree requirements for potential fields of study. For help navigating the What-If report, consult the What-If tutorial video.

Step 3 - Review Course Offerings When the Schedule Goes Live

The Schedule of Classes for Winter, Spring, and Summer is available on October 1, 2018. 

Please make note of any pre-requisites, required permissions, or other special circumstances for the courses you are interested in. Pre-requisites can be found in the "notes" section under the course number. You must contact the department offering the course to gain permission to enroll. 

Step 4 - Put Courses in Your Shopping Cart

Make enrolling on your priority registration date easy by placing courses in your shopping cart beforehand. You can access your shopping cart through the Student Center. Select "Enrollment Shopping Cart" on the left below "Academics". For help adding courses to your shopping cart, view the Shopping Cart tutorial video

When planing your courses, remember that taking at least 15 credit hours during each Fall or Spring semester helps you stay on track to graduate in four years!

Step 5 - Review Holds on your Record

Holds (or “service indicators”) may be placed on your record to provide information or to alert you to take an action before registering for classes.

Positive Service Indicators give you information about your record; in some cases they inform you of things you need to do. These "holds" do NOT prevent you from registering, but some holds will. Some schools or departments may place a hold on your registration until you have been advised. Most financial holds will restrict you from registering as well as from obtaining official transcripts or your diploma.

You can see if there are any holds on your record by visiting the Student Center and looking in the box titled “Holds” on the righthand side. Select “Details” to find information about how to resolve the hold and whom to contact if you have questions.

Step 6 - Make an Advising Appointment

Your academic advisor can help you map out your courses, in addition to helping you set and reach personal and professional goals. You can find the number to schedule an appointment with your advisor by visiting the Advising Contact Information webpage.

Remember that your advisor is here to help, but you must assume responsibility for knowing your degree requirements. Also note that if you do not have an advising hold on your account, you are not required to meet with an advisor before registering.

If you are not able to meet with your advisor before your priority registration date, you can register for classes on your own, then make any needed changes during your advising appointment.

Step 7 - Enroll in Classes

On or after your priority registration appointment, enroll in classes! To enroll in all classes in your shopping cart, simply select “click to enroll in class(es) in your shopping cart” in the “Shopping Cart” section. For help with registration, contact the Office of the Registrar at (812) 941-2240.

Former students or students of other campuses may need to reapply or complete the intercampus transfer form in order to register. If you previously attended IU Southeast but do not see a link to the current term for registration, please contact the Admissions office and your School or Division. Students who are enrolled on another IU campus or who were last enrolled on another IU campus but did not graduate, should complete the intercampus transfer form.

After you enroll in classes, please refer to the Academic Calendar for important dates, such as the final date to alter your schedule and the semester start date. Also, don’t forget to order your textbooks and review your course schedule before classes begin.