The General Studies Degree Program at Indiana University Southeast offers a certificate as well as a minor in supervision. The Certificate in Supervision is composed of 18 credit hours and the minor consists of 24 credit hours. Students, who complete the Certificate in Supervision, can also complete the Minor in Supervision by completing 6 additional credit hours. Students may select the 6 addition credit hours from four different areas.

The courses are designed to prepare trainees and entry-level supervisory personnel, but also to allow students to broaden their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Business and (OLS) Organizational Leadership & Supervision)
  • Communication Skills
  • Counseling and Human Behavior
  • Safety Management

All of General Studies’ minors and certificates require all course grades to be a C- or higher and the overall GPA of those courses to be a 2.0 or higher.

Requirements for Certificate in Supervision

BUS-W 100 – Introduction to Business (3 cr.)
A survey of the business field and its operations in the contemporary economic, political and social environment. Online.

SPCH-S 122 – Interpersonal Communications (3 cr.)
Practical consideration of spontaneous human interaction in face-to-face situations. Special attention is given to perception, language, and attitudes in dyads and small groups. Online.

SUPV-S 300 – Frontline Leadership (3 cr.)
P: ENG-W 131. This introductory supervision course explores traditional and contemporary leadership styles used in the manager-employee relationship. Concepts include improving communication, conflict resolution, planning, organizing, and strategies for performance and productivity improvements. This course is an introduction to the front-line managerial position. It offers the student an insight into one of the most demanding jobs in the country – and gives those already in that role, practical advice in handling on-the-job problems within their own organizations. Online.

SUPV-S 310 – Resource and Planning Management (3 cr.)
P: SUPV-S 300 or equivalent supervision experience. Increased competitiveness in the world today has required companies to re-evaluate how they design facilities and manage their resources. During interactive class discussions, this course takes a visionary approach and proactive approach to the concepts of organizational design, process/quality management, capacity analysis, and supply chain management. This course builds on the concepts presented in Front-Line Leadership to identify business strategies for managing the delivery of goods and services. Online

SUPV-S 320 – Labor Relations (3 cr.)
An introduction to labor relations for supervisors. The organization of labor unions and federations, certification, contracts, collective bargaining, grievances, arbitration, and labor law will be covered.

HPER-H 160 – First Aid (3 cr.)
Lecture and demonstration on first aid measures for wounds, hemorrhage, burns, exposure, sprains, dislocations, fractures, unconscious conditions, suffocation, drowning, and poisons, with skill training in all procedures.

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