The Women & Gender Studies certificate provides students with an opportunity to study how gender and sexuality influence human behavior, culture, and society. They examine issues of gender as they relate to class, race, age, sexual orientation, and ethnicity in order to better understand many women and gender-related issues.

Women & Gender Studies courses are interdisciplinary in content and approach. Students in the Women and Gender Studies program take courses in a wide variety of disciplines, including social and natural sciences, humanities, business, economics, and education.



  • The certificate is not the equivalent of a major. Students must complete the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree and requirements for a major in another subject area.
  • The certificate requires 24 credit hours in women's and gender studies courses. (The 24 credit hours would be included in the 120-124 credit hours required for bachelor's degrees.)
    • 6 credit hours in Women & Gender Studies, which must include:
      • WOST W 200/SOC W 100 – Women in Contemporary American Society/ Gender Studies
      • WOST W 400 – Selected Topics in Women's Studies (senior seminar)
    • 18 credit hours in additional Women & Gender Studies courses, which must include:
      • Two humanities courses
      • Two social science courses

Note: at least 12 of these 18 credit hours must be in 300- to 400-level courses.

The following courses count toward fulfillment of the requirements for a Women & Gender Studies certificate. Not all are offered every semester.

  • WOST W200/SOC W 100 – Gender Studies
  • CJUS P 335 – Race, Gender, and Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
  • ENG L 207 – Women and Literature
  • ENG L 378 – Studies in Women and Literature
  • FINA A 270 – Women in the History of Art
  • HIST A 260 – Early North American Women’s History
  • HIST A 261 – History of Women in the United States since 1880
  • HIST H 231 – Women, Men and the Family in History
  • LTSU L 385 – Class, Race, Gender and Work
  • PHIL P 394 – Feminist Philosophy
  • POLS Y 324 – Women and Politics
  • PSY B 388 – Human Sexuality
  • PSY P 460 – Women: A Psychological Perspective
  • SOC S 304 – Global Issues in Gender
  • SOC S 310 – Sociology of Women in America
  • SOC S 338 – Sociology of Sex Roles
  • SOC S 413 – Gender and Society
  • SOC S 416 – The Family
  • SOC S 423 – Sexual Patterns and Variations
  • SPCH S 308 – Family Communication
  • SPCH S 450 – Gender and Communication
  • WOST W 400 – Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies
  • WOST W 495 – Readings and Research in Women's Studies

Contact the coordinator of Women & Gender Studies if you are uncertain about a course counting towards the Women & Gender Studies certificate, or wish to know if a certain course is currently being offered.