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The Advertising Program at Indiana University Southeast prepares students for careers in advertising agencies, advertising departments of the mass media, or in business organizations performing advertising functions. The sequence is committed to building on the base of a broad interdisciplinary education and the University’s core requirements combined with professional courses that reflect the state of the art in the advertising industry.

Student Learning Goals

  • Students will communicate effectively in speaking and writing. Those who major in one of the advertising tracks will become proficient delivering public presentations, working in group situations, interacting interpersonally, or performing in a dramatic venue. Students will also learn to write effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Students will think logically and critically. Advertising students should be proficient in the following: developing problem-solving approaches, conducting research, analyzing evidence and sources of evidence, distinguishing between sound and fallacious reasoning, analyzing and evaluating elements and effects of the mass media, understanding and evaluating literature for performance situations, and analyzing scripts for development of technical elements in theater production.
  • Students will possess an in-depth knowledge of the field of advertising. This will include major theoretical foundations in communication, advertising, or theatre. Students will also be able to utilize such information in practical applications of the theories and concepts.