The individualized track is highly flexible. As a student in the track, you take courses based on your interests, backgrounds, and needs. These courses prepare you to:

  • demonstrate your ability to think critically and solve problems;
  • effectively present central ideas, issues, and methods of inquiry specific to the fields studied;
  • apply knowledge and skills from general education, the B.A.S. core, and the individualized track to issues or challenges in your area of technical expertise.

The following examples show how you might tailor this track to meet your individual needs:

  • If you have an A.A.S. in Criminal Justice and want to advance your career in criminal justice, you might work with your advisor to design an individualized track that includes 300- and 400-level courses in criminal justice, public affairs, psychology, and sociology.
  • If you have an AAS in Design Technology and want to change careers, you might select courses in web development and graphic design.
  • If you have an A.A.S. in Advanced Manufacturing and want to become a supervisor or manager, you might choose courses in human resource development, communication, and other management skills.