According to Forbes magazine, the top skills sought by employers revolve around the ability to communicate effectively. Choose a degree that focuses on the one skill that employers say they need the most, with three options to prepare you for wherever your career path may lead.

We consulted with corporate, nonprofit and agency-based industry leaders to carefully craft a curriculum that provides students with the best possible career preparation. In fact, no other program in the Louisville metropolitan area provides three targeted yet versatile options that reflect our region's specific opportunities for communication professionals.

Speech (Traditional Communication)
Learn the foundations of human communication, like effective speaking, teamwork and interpersonal relationships. This is a versatile degree ideal for any profession where the ability to communicate is essential, like management, law, ministry and more.

Organizational Communication
Learn how organizational leaders use communication to improve morale, negotiate conflict, build teams and handle a crisis. This is great preparation for careers in employee relations, training and development, corporate communication and more.

Strategic Communication
Learn how organizations use communication to propel their mission, build a successful brand and cultivate relationships with consumers and stakeholders. This option is ideal for careers in advertising, public relations, brand management and more.

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