Fine Arts

The IU Southeast Fine Arts program is among the strongest at the Southeast campus due to its distinguished faculty, students, and ability to form liaisons with local and regional fine arts programs and organizations. The Fine Arts at IU Southeast is a challenging, innovative, and supportive learning program committed to the intellectual and social growth of students, and to the cultural well being of the region.

More than 200 students representing a broad cross section of our regional community are currently enrolled as Fine Arts majors at IU Southeast. Many Fine Arts majors reside in Louisville, taking advantage of the resident tuition rates provided by the reciprocity agreement between Kentucky and Indiana.

What is the value of the Fine Arts?

Artists and art historians shape the world we live in. Through critical study and practice, they engage and build communities, run businesses and art organizations, address economic and social problems, and lead research and innovation. Fine Arts encompasses a diversity of disciplines, ranging from handmade techniques and processes to emerging technologies. Through interdisciplinary practice and collaboration with faculty and fellow students, the Fine Arts program at IU Southeast prepares each student to pursue a lifetime of creative endeavors.

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