The painting program at IU Southeast provides experience in both acrylic and oil painting techniques. Painting students develop the ability to manipulate spatial and expressive qualities in their work through paint application, color, and drawing. Students are also encouraged to explore representation, abstraction, and experimental image making and processes. The resident faculty member in painting has an extensive background in traditional and modern painting techniques. Students in the program learn traditional skills involving surface preparation and glazing, as well as digital imaging techniques. Painting is one of the oldest media in the visual arts and is still considered a cornerstone of an artist’s education.

The painting studio is a 1589 square foot dedicated facility for use by painting students, both in and outside of class time. Students have 24-hour access to the studio. It is designed with artificial and natural northern lighting. The studio also includes two Macintosh computer stations with an overhead digital projection system. There are presentation surfaces, large tables, twenty-four durable metal easels capable of holding large scale work, moveable taborets for each student, stools, spotlights, large stainless steel sinks, cabinets and shelves for studio supplies, individual lockers for students, and painting storage racks. There are several studio spaces for advanced BFA painting students. Capacity enrollments for both individual and combined courses are limited to sixteen students.

Studio fees support the purchase of canvas, primers, a variety of painting supports and canvas stretchers, studio equipment, acrylic paints, oil and acrylic painting mediums, encaustic supplies, cleaning supplies, and hand and power tools.

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