The printmaking program at IU Southeast provides students with tools, equipment, and resources to create artwork with traditional and contemporary approaches, including lithography, intaglio, screenprinting, and relief. Printmaking students learn to use techniques and processes as tools to support and convey their ideas and concepts. After a thorough introduction to print media in introductory classes, printmaking majors develop interdisciplinary and experimental approaches with further exploration of photographic processes, book arts, computer-assisted printmaking, variable editions, sculptural printmaking, interactive artworks, and installations. Through projects, presentations, and readings, students discuss the historical and contemporary social significance of print media and its role in visual culture. After developing mastery of traditional and emerging techniques, each printmaking major displays a cohesive body of work in a formal exhibition, and submits a thesis statement that documents their research and process.

In recent years, IU Southeast printmaking majors have participated in workshops, juried exhibitions, and conferences at the national level, and continue to build a network of fellow artists across the country. In 2016, the printmaking program and IU Southeast's Fine Arts department hosted the Mid-America Print Council conference, which brought 500 professional artists, educators, and students from the US and Canada to lead demonstrations, panel discussions, and exhibitions on campus. For decades, printmaking students and faculty at IU Southeast have hosted nationally- and internationally-recognized visiting artists as they publish editions and conduct workshops in the studio.

The 1800-square foot studio is dedicated to printmaking students, and utilizes non-toxic processes and materials whenever possible. The studio features flat file storage; laserjet and inkjet printers; a desktop Mac with overhead projector; an exposure unit for photographic processes in intaglio, lithography and silkscreen; two lithography presses with dedicated ventilation systems; a library of lithography stones; a graining sink; three etching presses; a letterpress proofing press; screen printing stations and a vacuum table; a backlit washout booth; and ferric chloride for etching copper. Students have 24-hour access to the studio. Capacity enrollments for both individual and combined courses are limited to 16 students, and studio fees support the purchase of inks, modifiers, tools, cleaning supplies, and chemistry.

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