B.A. in Music — Performance Concentration

Students interested in focusing on performance may major in any orchestral or band instrument, piano, organ, guitar or voice.

The Performance concentration at IU Southeast is intended for those students who wish to focus their studies on a particular instrument or voice. The curriculum stresses the development of the student's technique and musicianship, ensemble dynamics, building a fundamental knowledge of his/her repertoire, and acquisition of practical pedagogical techniques.


  • Instrumental Performance - Non-keyboard
    Instrumentalists should prepare two shorter selections in contrasting styles from the standard literature (or one longer work) that best display technical skills and musicality. Major scales and a chromatic scale may also be requested. Instrumentalists are not required to perform with accompaniment. If an accompanist is needed, the music must be submitted to the Music Department Office at least two weeks in advance. Percussionists should prepare a snare drum solo and basic rudiments, and either a timpani or mallet instrument solo. Music does not have to be memorized. Some basic pitch matching exercises will be asked of the candidate.
  • Instrumental Performance - Keyboard
    Candidates for piano or organ performance should be prepared to play (either from score or memory) no less than two pieces. These should be varied, both as to period and style. The candidate should also be prepared to play major and minor scales and arpeggios, up to four sharps and flats. Some basic pitch matching exercises and sight-reading will be asked of the candidate.
  • Vocal Performance
    Students should prepare two songs of contrasting style, one preferably in a foreign language. At least one of the songs should be memorized. One of the two selections may come from musical theater. Voice auditions must be accompanied. IU Southeast can provide an accompanist as long as the music is submitted two weeks in advance of the audition date. Following the presentation of solo material, the candidate will be asked to demonstrate basic pitch and rhythmic sight reading ability.

Note: All music majors are required to achieve a minimum grade of C in all music classes.

Music Performance Concentration Requirements

These requirements are in addition to university distribution requirements for the B.A.

Course Number Course Title Credits
T113-114 Music Theory I and II 6
T115-116 Ear Training I and II 2
T317-318 Music Theory III and IV 6
T215-216 Ear Training III and IV 2
M201-202 Literature of Music I and II 6
M403-404 History of Music I and II 6
A301 Electronic Studio Resources I 2
Applied Music Study 12
Applied Piano Study (P100 for vocal or instrumental majors, or
X002 Piano Accompanying for piano majors)
X040 or X070 Ensemble Participation - 4 semesters † 4
X001 Ensemble Participation - 3 semesters 0
X095 Performance Class - 7 semesters 0
Senior Recital 1
Total Credits 49
† NOTE: For students whose ensemble is choir, it is not permissible to double-up on credits by enrolling in both Concert Choir and Community Chorus, unless the student is graduating in that semester and they have received permission from the Choral Director.