B.A. in Music — Pre-Music Therapy Concentration

This concentration is designed for the music student who wishes to continue into a graduate program in Music Therapy in order to work in an allied health field which uses music within therapeutic relationships to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals. This concentration does not lead to licensing in Music Therapy but is preparation for further study in the field.

For best preparation for graduate study and work in the profession, this concentration should be taken with the psychology minor in Pre-Expressive Therapy.

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Auditioning/Interviewing for the Pre-Music Therapy Concentration

Acceptance into the Pre-Music Therapy concentration consists of both an interview and an audition on the candidate's primary instrument. Because the Pre-Music Therapy concentration is not a performance degree, the level of performance does not need to reflect the same stringent standards. However, performing skills are important in this discipline and candidates for the degree are required to demonstrate at least intermediate level of accomplishment. They must also demonstrate basic literacy in conventional music notation. Candidates should be prepared to discuss reasons why they wish to pursue the Pre-Music Therapy concentration.