The traditional track of the philosophy major requires a minimum of 31 credit hours in philosophy. Two courses at the 100-level may be included in the 31 credit hours.

The following requirements must be satisfied:

Logic Requirement: Students must take either PHIL-P 150 Elementary Logic or PHIL-P 250 Introductory Symbolic Logic.

Upper-Level Course Requirements:
Philosophy majors must complete the IU Southeast research writing or argumentative requirement before taking a third upper-level course in philosophy.

History of Philosophy Requirement:
Philosophy majors must take at least two courses chosen from PHIL- P 302 Medieval Philosophy, PHIL-P 304 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, PHIL-P 314 Modern Philosophy, and PHIL-P 410 Ancient Greek Philosophy.

Diversity Requirement:
Students must take either PHIL-P 170 Introduction to Asian Philosophy, PHIL- P 334 Buddhist Philosophy, PHIL-P 374 Early Chinese Philosophy, or PHIL-P 394 Feminist Philosophy.

Social and Political Philosophy or Ethics Requirement:
Philosophy majors must take one of the following: PHIL-P 237 Environmental Philosophy, PHIL-P 240 Business and Morality, PHIL-P 340 Classics in Ethics, PHIL-P 342 Problems of Ethics, PHIL-P 343 Classics in Social and Political Philosophy, or PHIL-P 345 Problems in Social and Political Philosophy.

Metaphysics or Epistemology Requirement:
Students must take one of the following: PHIL-P 310 Topics in Metaphysics, PHIL-P 313 Theories of Knowledge, Phil-P 320 Philosophy and Language, PHIL-P 360 Philosophy of Mind, or PHIL-X 303 Introduction to Philosophy of Science.

Philosophy Seminar Requirement:
Philosophy majors must take at least one philosophy seminar (PHIL-P 333). (The philosophy seminar is offered every spring semester and may be repeated for credit.)

Senior Proseminar Requirement:
Philosophy majors must take at least one credit (up to four) in PHIL-P 495 Senior Proseminar in Philosophy during senior year.