Women & Gender Studies

The Women and Gender Studies Program provides you with an opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary program to study how gender and sexuality influence human behavior, culture, and society. You will study issues of gender as they relate to class, race, age, sexual orientation, and ethnicity in order to better understand many women and gender-related issues.

The Women and Gender Studies Program at IU Southeast offers a wide range of subjects to students interested in studying different aspects of gender across various cultures and disciplines. You will address such issues as:

  • Women's roles in history and contemporary societies
  • Feminist theories
  • Constructions of femininity and masculinity across different cultures and historical periods
  • Gendered influences on knowledge, communication, politics, and economics
  • Sexual behavior and expectations
  • Family relationships

Women and Gender Studies courses are interdisciplinary in content and approach. Students in the Women and Gender Studies program take courses in a wide variety of disciplines, including social and natural sciences, humanities, business, economics, and education.

Students in the Women and Gender Studies program at IU Southeast have the opportunity to create, evaluate and disseminate knowledge about gender and sexuality in an interdisciplinary context.

Students who seek different modes of thought and knowledge will thrive in this interdisciplinary program. Courses on gender and sexuality are available in various disciplines, including history, art, literature, sociology, communication, psychology, and philosophy to name a few areas.

Moreover, students at IU Southeast regularly take part in the IU Women and Gender Studies Conference. The annual conference brings students from across the IU system into contact with each other and gives them a space to share their research and creative work.