Certificate Information

You can obtain either an undergraduate minor or a certificate in Women and Gender Studies by declaring your intention to receive the minor/certificate to your academic advisor. You should discuss the requirements for the minor/certificate with an academic advisor in Arts and Letters.

The Women’s and Gender Studies program offer two tracks for students. Student may obtain either a certificate or a minor in the field, depending on the number of courses they take.

University Credit Hour & Residency Requirements

Students must complete 50% of the required credit hours for a certificate in residence at IU Southeast. Some departments may have additional Residency requirements.

Department of Women & Gender Studies Residency Requirements

The Department of Women & Gender Studies enforces the University Credit Hour & Residency Requirements with no additions.

Certificate in Women & Gender Studies Requirements

  • Students must complete the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree and requirements for a major in another subject area as the certificate is not the equivalent of a major. Students may major in any subject and obtain a Women’s and Gender Studies certificate.
  • The certificate requires 24 credit hours in women's and gender studies coureses. The 24 credit hours would be included in the 120-124 credit hours required for bachelor's degrees.
    • 6 credit hours in women's and gender studies, which must include:
      • WOST W 200/SOC W 100 – Women in Contemporary American Society/ Gender Studies
      • WOST W 400 – Selected Topics in Women's Studies (senior seminar
    • 18 credit hours in women's and gender studies courses, which must include:
      • two humanities courses
      • two social science courses
      • at least 12 of these 18 credit hours must be in 300- to 400-level courses.

The following courses (and those approved by the acting WGS Coordinator) will count toward fulfillment of the requirements for a Women's Studies certificate and minor. For a listing of approved courses by semester, see courses:

  • WOST W200/SOC W 100 – Gender Studies
  • CJUS P 335 – Race, Gender, and Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
  • ENG L 207 – Women and Literature
  • ENG L 378 – Studies in Women and Literature
  • FINA A 270 – Women in the History of Art
  • HIST A 260 – Early North American Women’s History
  • HIST A 261 – History of Women in the United States since 1880
  • HIST H 231 – Women, Men and the Family in History
  • LTSU L 385 – Class, Race, Gender and Work
  • PHIL P 394 – Feminist Philosophy
  • POLS Y 324 – Women and Politics
  • PSY B 388 – Human Sexuality
  • PSY P 460 – Women: A Psychological Perspective
  • SOC S 304 – Global Issues in Gender
  • SOC S 310 – Sociology of Women in America
  • SOC S 338 – Sociology of Sex Roles
  • SOC S 413 – Gender and Society
  • SOC S 416 – The Family
  • SOC S 423 – Sexual Patterns and Variations
  • SPCH S 308 – Family Communication
  • SPCH S 450 – Gender and Communication
  • WOST W 400 – Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies
  • WOST W 495 – Readings and Research in Women's Studies

Contact the coordinator of Women's Studies if you are uncertain about a course counting towards the Women's Studies Certificate.