You can make payments to the Arts Institute using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express
via the Indiana University Office of Conference and Event Registration Services

(link at bottom of page)

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Payments for Arts Institute tuition and fees are now processed through the Indiana University Office of Conference and Event Registration Services (OCERS).

OCERS payment page image 1When visiting the OCERS site for the first time, you will need to create an account.

1) Enter your e-mail address

2) Select "No, I have not registerd for an event through this system before"

3) Click "Sign In To Continue"

If you have made a payment to the Arts Institute via OCERS in the past, then simply enter your e-mail address and password and click "Sign In To Continue."

All payments made prior to November 26, 2013 were processed via IUPay and NOT via OCERS.

OCERS payment page image 2Enter your account information.
(If you already have an OCERS account, simply click "Logon")

1) Enter your e-mail address (required)

2) Enter your desired password (required)

3) Confirm your password (required)

4) Enter your first name (required)

5) Enter your last name (required)

6) Enter your telephone number (required)

7) Enter your cell phone number (optional)

8) Click "Create Account"

OCERS payment page image 3Enter the amount of your payment.
At least one-half of the total is due at the time of registration

NOTE: Those paying their total in installment must add a $6 processing fee for each subsequent payment until their balance is paid in full.

1) Enter the amount you are paying next to "REGISTRATION TOTAL IN DOLLARS

2) Click "continue"

OCERS payment page image 4Enter your payment information.

NOTE: The Event will be IU Southeast Arts Institute Fall 2014 and the Event Dates will be Monday, 08/25/14 08:00 AM - Friday, 12/12/2014 no matter in which Arts Institute course you have enrolled. Please do not consider this an error.

1) Select "I will PAY NOW with my credit card"

2) Select your Credit Card Type (OCERS accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover).

3) Enter your credit card number

4) Enter your credit card expiration dated

5) Enter your first name

6) Enter your last name

7) Anter your address, including street address, county, city, state, postal code (zip code), country, and e-mail address.

PLEASE NOTE: Making a payment online via OCERS does not automatically
enroll you or your child in Arts Institute courses. A registration form must
be completed each semester in order to enroll.
OCERS is only a means of paying your Arts Institute tuition.

If you are making a mid-term half payment or making a payment on your account balance and have already completed a registration form for the semester, you do NOT need to complete another registration form.

Check this box to confirm you have submitted a registration form this semester.
Upon submitting this information you will be taken to the secure Indiana University Office of Conference and Event Registration Services (OCERS) site where you can enter your credit card payment information. Once you have successfully submitted your payment, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. Please keep that confirmation as your receipt of payment.