BASES: A cross-campus education

Are you a communications major who dreams of running your own creative agency? Or maybe an accounting major who likes to create websites? Or even an actor who wants to establish a nonprofit theater company?

Our BASES program is for you.

BASES stands for Business + Arts & Sciences + Education + Society. It's a new way for students to combine skills, talents, convictions and interests in ways that make them better able to succeed in today's cross-disciplinary working world.

Within BASES, students have several options: a Business major with a minor in an Arts & Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences or Secondary Education field; an Arts & Sciences, Natural Sciences or Social Sciences major with a Business or Secondary Education minor; a Nursing major with a Secondary Education minor.

Connect the majors and minors below to find out if rounding the BASES might be a home run for your career.

Then contact your academic advisor and step up to the plate!

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