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Jennifer M. Ortiz Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice

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My name is Jennifer M. Ortiz. I am an assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at IUS and the faculty advisor for the Criminal Justice Students' Association. I earned my doctoral degree in Criminology at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. My doctoral research focused on prison and street gangs. Prior to joining the faculty at IUS, I served as the Research Director for the New York State Permanent Commission on Sentencing and as a Research Associate at the Center for Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

I teach a wide range of upper and lower level courses. My courses incorporate innovative active learning techniques aimed at helping students develop critical thinking skills and to question common misconceptions about the criminal justice system.

Academic Background

  • Doctorate

    • CUNY Graduate Center, New York, United States
    • Doctor of Philosophy, Major in Criminology
  • Masters

    • CUNY Graduate Center, New York, United States
    • Master of Philosophy, Major in Criminology
  • Masters

    • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, United States
    • Master of Arts, Major in Criminal Justice- Policing Concentration
  • Bachelors

    • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, United States
    • Criminal Justice

Professional Interests


Courses Taught

  • CJUS 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJUS 199: Careers in Criminal Justice
  • CJUS 200: Theories of Crime & Deviance
  • CJUS 295: Criminal Justice Data, Methods, and Resources
  • CJUS 250: Issues in Criminal Justice: Prisoner Reentry
  • CJUS 300: Topics in Criminal Justice: Prison and Street Gangs
  • CJUS 303: Corrections
  • CJUS 304: Parole and Probation
  • CJUS 335: Race, Gender, and Inequality in the CJ System
  • CJUS 458: Wrongful Convictions
  • CJUS 470: Senior Seminar


Course Preparations in Development:

  • CJUS 406: Unequal Justice


My research interests are in punishment within the criminal justice system. My doctoral level research was a qualitative comparative analysis that examined the impact of environment on gang structure. Prior research projects focused on victims of crime, sentencing, and disparity in the criminal justice system.

My current research project is a multi-year qualitative study of reentry experiences in the Kentuckiana region. This study explores the experiences of formerly incarcerated individuals reentering society and the perspectives of reentry service providers in the region.


Journal Articles

  • Jennifer Ortiz & Kimberly Wrigley. (2020). The Invisible Enclosure: How Community Supervision Inhibits Successful Reentry. Corrections: Policy, Practice, and Research, 5 (4), Online.
  • Jennifer Ortiz and Hayley Jackey. (2019). The system is not broken, it is intentional: The prisoner reentry industry as deliberate structural violence.. The Prison Journal, 99 (4), 484-503.
  • Jennifer Ortiz. (2018). Gangs and environment: A comparative analysis of prison and street gangs.. American Journal of Qualitative Research, 2 (1), 97-117.


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  • Jennifer Ortiz. (2021). Doxa is dangerous: How academic doxa inhibits prison gang research.. In R.J. Gude & D. Brotherton (Eds.). International Critical Gang Handbook.: New York, NY: Routledge..
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