Administrative Procedures: A Guideline for Co-chairs

Once the curriculum has been developed by the co-chairs, it must be presented for approval via an email to the dedicated co-coordinators, Jennifer Hershfield and Ron Severtis. Please see the Lesson Guidelines webpage for further guidance on developing the curriculum.

After the curriculum for the year is determined and approved, the co-chairs will identify the terms with the parties that will be involved in the training for the series such as IU Bloomington trainers, outside speakers, etc. (Do not agree to fees or sign contracts – this must be brought to Ron or Jennifer). Find out what and how they plan to present the materials and what they are planning on bringing with them to the session(s), and what they would like us to provide, such as easels, paper, markers, index cards, etc. Also, find out if they will need any easels or audio-visual equipment such as a projector, projections screen, or laptop. Remember that the first session will be a meet and greet session. Ron Severtis and Jennifer Hershfield will be coordinate and facilitate this session.

  • If a speaker requires a fee, have the party submit the fee in writing or by email and submit this information to Jennifer or Ron for approval.
  • If the speaker requires that we sign a contract, please contact Ron or Jennifer to administer this process.
  • To set up hotel accommodations, contact Jennifer Hershfield for direction on this process.
  • Supplies for Broadening Leadership will be managed by Jennifer Hershfield and housed in Administrative Affairs.
  • Create a class roster to document the names and contact information of the attendees. Put them in alphabetical order. Make several copies of the roster. Use one copy to take attendance at each session and the other copy to give to the trainer or speaker at each session so that they know who is attending the session. Co-chairs may also want to make name tags for each session or one set of name tags for attendees to bring with them to each subsequent session, since they will most likely have a new trainer or speaker each time.
  • Once the curriculum is established, approved, and you’ve spoken with all of the trainers or speakers and know what to expect as far as content of the session and the supplies needed, a schedule for each session should be developed with breakfast, breaks, and lunches being worked into the schedule. Always work with the trainers and/or speakers on the schedule because they will need to know how much time they will have available to present their materials. Keep in contact with them by email until an agreed upon schedule is developed for each session.
  • Contact the attendees, via email, on the roster supplied by Jennifer Hershfield. Jennifer will send you an email template. The email is a welcome from the co-chairs and will also give the dates, times, and locations of the sessions.
  • Ordering Food and Reserving Venues:
    • Send an email to the attendees asking if any of them have any dietary restrictions.
    • On-campus catering can be charged to the Broadening Leadership account.
    • Notify Conference and Catering of how the room needs to be set up (classroom style, U-shaped, etc.).
    • (On-campus sessions): Keep in mind that Conference and Catering will need time to set up lunch, so it’s a good idea to either have lunch in another room than where the session is taking place or take a 10-minute break at about 11:45 a.m. and ask conference and catering to set up while the group is on break.
    • Off-campus venues can be reserved with the Broadening Leadership P-Card. When making the reservation.
    • Hot-cooked food such as at a restaurant can be taxed and the PCard may be used to pay for the meal.
    • Co-chairs are welcome to shop at grocery stores for prepackaged foods for breakfast or lunch. It is the responsibility of one or both co-chairs to obtain the Broadening Leadership PCard from Jennifer and to shop for the food. Sometimes, co-chairs split up the duty over a few days (e.g., one person shops for paper products; one person shops for food). Walmart requires a special certificate to allow for a tax exemption. The certificate is available with the PCard in Jennifer’s office.
    • Prepackaged food such as from Walmart or Kroger is tax exempt. The tax ID number is on the PCard; however, if an establishment needs a tax exempt certificate, certificates are available from the Office of Administrative Affairs. Contact Jennifer Hershfield if the venue is requesting a copy of the certificate.
    • Always verify what types of equipment and services are included with off-campus venues.
    • Reserve any requested equipment such as easels or audio visual when making the reservation.
    • Off-campus food can be charged to the Broadening Leadership P-Card, but remember – no alcohol. Be mindful that many restaurants automatically add gratuity to the bill for groups of eight or more.
  • Binders will need to be assembled prior to the first session with the names of the sessions already on the tabs. A sheet to insert will also need to be made to design the cover of the binder. You may be creative when designing the cover and the cover pages inside each tab. If possible, try to include the date of each session, the name of the trainer or speaker of that session, and their contact information such as email on each coversheet of each tab of the binder. Provide a few sheets of blank paper on the inside pocket of the binder for taking notes. (Whenever binders are constructed, a full binder with all materials for each session is due to Ron or Jennifer at the end of the program, along with any electronic files).
  • Send reminder emails to the attendees one week prior to the each session. Even though the sessions will be on their calendars, they may forget. Some people don’t utilize their calendars and may forget.
  • On the day of the session, at least one co-chair should arrive at the location at least 20 – 30 minutes prior to the start of the session to:
    • Verify the room is set-up as requested
    • Ensure that all audio-visual equipment is in working order
    • Verify that breakfast is ready and it is what was requested
    • Verify who is the point person to pay for the event when it’s at an off-campus location
    • Have the agenda for the day posted up front with times of instruction, breaks, and lunch
    • Set-up supplies (easels, audio-visual, pens, pencils, markers, etc.)
    • Greet trainers or speakers as they arrive
    • Greet participants and take attendance as they arrive
    • Distribute name tags as they arrive
    • Set up a light and fun atmosphere by having some kind of music playing (at a decent level) when attendees arrive, or just by engaging everyone who comes into the room in conversation. The attendees are more inclined to open up and interact positively when they feel welcome and in a good mood.
  • Jennifer Hershfield will order the Broadening Leadership graduation plaques. She will also be in contact with the chancellor and vice chancellors to invite them to graduation. Jennifer will work with the administrative secretaries to get a date set that, hopefully, will have the chancellor and all of the vice chancellors’ attending. Ron and Jennifer will also attend the graduation luncheon.

For any questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Hershfield at (812) 941-2202 or Jennifer will be your resources for questions and to assist in guiding you through the process.