Water Tower Square: Grad Center Usage Policies

About the Graduate Center

The IU Southeast Graduate Center is located on the fourth floor of the Water Tower Square building located at 300 Missouri Avenue in Jeffersonville, Indiana.


Building entrances are controlled by electronic locks, which are normally set to “lock” at pre-determined hours. After-or before-hours access can be arranged to disable the security to the main door and the elevator to the fourth floor of the building. Once in the building, guests can take the elevator to the fourth floor. To request usage of the IU Graduate Center, contact Conference & Dining Services at (812) 941-2155 or (812) 941-2318. Conference and Catering will contact the Water Tower Square managing office to arrange for entry to the building and elevator access to the fourth floor.


If any furniture is moved for the session, please put it back where it was originally.


Please read all instructions for the usage of any equipment in the Graduate Center. Power off or log off of any equipment that was originally on when you arrived.

  • Should assistance be needed with any of this equipment, please call the IT help desk at (812) 941-2447 and explain that you are at the graduate center building in Jeffersonville.

Clean Up

Please clean up any food or other messes that are made as a result of the usage of the Graduate Center. Garbage should be placed in garbage receptacles in the rooms. Any garbage that contains food should have the bag tied up, if possible.