The purpose for the program update was to create a sustainable, administrative structure lead by a team of dedicated co-coordinators. The updated goal of this program was to afford employees of all ranks to professional development opportunities via applied learning, new communication lines between ranks and departments, and reward employees who have demonstrated a commitment to the campus’s mission, vision, and core values. In 2010, the campus finalized a five-year strategic plan. The updated Broadening Leadership Initiative directly supported section 4.1.6 – “Continue to identify and implement ongoing training and development programs for professional and support staff, technical and service maintenance staff, and new employees.”

After analyzing the program over the previous years, it has proven very successful in identifying employees worthy of this opportunity and delivering, with reasonable consistency, an appropriate curriculum and opening the lines of communication between departments and schools. Two of our current deans have gone through the program while in non-administrative, faculty roles. The feedback from previous cohort has been very encouraging and has demonstrated the effectiveness and value of the program.

The program has thrived under consistent structure in management, record keeping of past graduates, and benchmark assessments. The program is now very consistent on the nomination and selection process, including the management of any type of waiting list, and has guidance and approval processes on the program curriculum securely in place. There is also a bi-annual assessment analysis of the program. This consistent structure ensures the program’s integrity and effectiveness and has the tools and noted processes to meet all of the campus-related goals for professional development. Broadening Leadership has also partnered with the Director of Human Resources, Ray Klein, who has further enhanced the program with his expertise in professional development and has been instrumental in acquiring engaging and knowledgeable presenters who include IU Southeast faculty and staff.