Program Structure and Process

Selection Process

Typically, in the month of March, the program begins with the selection process. A nomination email is sent by Administrative Affair’s administrative assistant to all deans, directors, and vice chancellors of the campus. The email group will have two weeks to respond with their nominee recommendations. Once the list of nominees is collected, the vice chancellor of each area will select their nominated employees to fill the class. The final list of nominees will be approved by the chancellor. All nominees not selected will go on a wait list for the next year to be given first consideration.

Individuals may be nominated or may apply for selection. Additionally, professional staff may nominate another professional staff. The nomination should include a letter of nomination, or of application, and a statement of interest which should contain a summary of leadership experiences, both on and off campus.

Participant Make-Up

There will be approximately 14 participants selected

  • 4-5 Faculty
  • 4 Professional Staff
  • 4 Bi-Weekly Support Staff

Slots for participants are limited and not all qualified nominees will be selected the first time. There will be no stipends for participants (we are not doing this for the money). This program is designed to reward employees by giving them a break from their routine work flow in a neutral, external atmosphere in order to learn something new.