Each spring, nominations for participation in the Broadening Leadership Initiative (BLI) are requested. When nominations are solicited, it is requested that supervisors and deans nominate one faculty, one professional staff, and at least one CL/TE/SM staff member from their areas. BLI is also accepting self-nominations from any full-time and part-time appointed faculty and staff. The Broadening Leadership Initiative consists of six half-day workshops and a graduation lunch. The workshops will be scheduled on and off campus and will include morning refreshments and lunch. They will be held one Friday per month from October through April (no December session), with a graduation lunch in May. All faculty and staff members who participate will be given time during their normal working schedule for the workshops.

Selection Process

Only full-time and part-time appointed faculty, professional staff, and CL/TE/SM staff are eligible. Individuals may be nominated by their first line supervisor or may apply directly for selection. Prior leadership experience is not required. Participants will be selected for participation based on multiple factors for selection, including selecting equally from classification categories, enhancing unit representation, and the qualitative aspect of group dynamics.

Criteria for Selection

It is very important that the Broadening Leadership participants exhibit the following qualities: high level of commitment, interest in exploring possibilities and potential, demonstration of one’s own potential, willingness to participate fully, and availability for campus leadership opportunities. Please keep in mind that staff with all levels of experience are eligible. With the value and popularity of the program, the selection process is extremely competitive; therefore, there is a heavy reliance on thoughtful, well-written nomination support documentation on the nomination form which helps in the decision-making process.

The class will include

  • 4 - 6 Faculty Members
  • 4 Professional Staff
  • 4 CL/TE/SM Staff

If you’re interested in participating in BLI next fall, please take a moment to complete the self-nomination form and tell us some reasons you would like to be part of the BLI program. Thank you for your support of the Broadening Leadership Initiative at IU Southeast.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either dedicated co-coordinator.