Welcome to the Office of the Bursar. We are here to assist you with questions regarding payment due dates, tuition and fees, billing, payment options, refunds, and third-party sponsors.

Fall 2018

  • Final fall bills are due December 10
  • Students who have set up an online payment plan will have their payment auto deducted on the 5th of each month.

New Payment Plans Available

Welcome to the 2018 school year! Starting with Fall 2018, you will see a new payment plan option through our partnership with Nelnet Campus Commerce. This allows students and third-party users to access a four-part, auto debited, semester payment plan. If you are eligible for a payment plan, one will be presented to you when you connect to the payment plan system from your bill. This new plan replaces the former personal deferment plan.

To Enroll:

  1. Visit
  2. Launch the following task:
    • As a student, select View/Pay Bursar Bill
    • As a parent or 3rd Party User, select Parent or 3rd Party User Access (Non-students). Enter your login information and select Bursar Balances and Bills.
      Note: You must have a 3rd Party User account already setup by your student.
  3. From Student billing, select Create or View a Payment Plan.
  4. Select Payment Plan from the menu to view and enroll in available payment plans

For additional information, visit the Payment Options page and select Payment Plan.

Get your Books for the Upcoming Semester

Registration Deposit has now replaced the bookstore allowance.

  • Students who opted in to Registration Deposit will have access to their funds 2 weeks before the start of each semester. Purchases can then be made at the campus bookstore in person or online.
  • Didn’t know about Registration Deposit or just missed the deadline? No worries, you can bill a deposit of up to $2,000.00 to your Bursar account. The Bursar-billed deposit is essentially the same as the Registration deposit, but in a larger amount. To use this plan, go to and click on Account Login, then go to the Make a Deposit page.

For additional help with CrimsonCard visit the CrimsonCard website or email

Get your Account Ready for the upcoming semester

Title IV Financial Aid Authorization

Complete your Title IV financial aid student authorization on your One Account. This authorizes your aid can be used for non-mandatory fees like Registration deposit, meal plans, parking permit etc.

Direct Deposit

View and update your direct deposit account information to ensure you receive your bursar refunds fast and secure on your One Account.