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Electronic Billing

Indiana University Southeast uses electronic billing for currently enrolled students. Known as e-bills, electronic billing creates a more efficient billing and payment process for IU Southeast students.

E-bills are issued and payments are collected by the Office of the Bursar through the IU electronic billing system and HigherOne’s payment system, known together as ‘IU Bursar Pay’.

A student may choose to set up a "3rd Party User", often a parent or guardian, who may then view and/or pay the student's bill. However, students are ultimately responsible for the timely payment of their bursar bill.

When a new account statement is available, students and 3rd Party Users are sent a notification via their IU e-mail address.

For step-by-step instructions on IU Bursar Pay functions, please visit our IU Bursar Pay guide.

Below are FAQ’s regarding the e-bill process.

    1. How will I know when/if I have a bill?
      Students will receive e-mail notifications via their university e-mail address letting them know when their bill is available for viewing.
    2. I’m a parent and I pay my student’s tuition. How will I know when there is a bill?
      Your student needs to set you up as a 3rd party user. Once signed up, you will receive an e-mail notification when a statement is available.
    3. Can I opt out of e-bills?
      There is not an option for opting out of e-bills. All Indiana University campuses are going paperless. We are making every effort to make paperless billing as simple for you as possible.
    4. Where can I go to view my account statement?
      Current and past statements can be viewed through IU Bursar Pay.
    5. Where can I go to pay my bill?
      You can pay your bill IU Bursar Pay.