IU Bursar Pay Guide

Electronic statements are issued and payments are collected by the Office of the Bursar through the IU electronic billing system and HigherOne’s payment system, known together as ‘IU Bursar Pay’. A student may choose to set up a "3rd Party User", often a parent or guardian, who may then view and/or pay the student's bill. However, students are ultimately responsible for the timely payment of their bursar bill.

Before a parent or guardian may begin accessing bursar information, the student must create a "3rd Party User". Please see the step-by-step instructions Setting Up a 3rd Party User.

If a 3rd Party User loses the password or needs to have the password reset, the student can reset their password through One.IU. Please see the step-by-step instructions Resetting a 3rd Party User’s Password.

IU Bursar Pay Guide

Step-by-Step directions are provided along with video tutorials for certain actions.