New Students

Welcome to IU Southeast. We want you have a positive payment experience.

What do I need to know about my Bursar account?

  1. Always review the refund periods online before dropping a class. You may still owe for all or a portion of a dropped class if dropped after the semester has started. A refund schedule is available. If you received financial aid for the semester, check with the financial aid office to see if your aid will be impacted before dropping a class.
  2. Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees & other penalties. Late payment fees of 1.5 percent of the outstanding balance accumulate monthly.
  3. Read all e-mail messages and other information from our office. These e-mail messages will be sent directly to you at your IU Southeast e-mail address, as e-mail is the official means of communication for the entire university.
  4. Sign up for Direct Deposit to receive any refunds faster. Students typically receive their credit balance electronically 1-2 weeks before receiving a paper check in the mail. A 'CR' will denote a credit balance after the balance due on your bill.
  5. If your parents or guardian will be paying your bill, make sure you set them up as a 3rd Party User. IU Bursar Pay is IU's online payment system accessible through One.IU.
  6. Due to FERPA regulations, we can only give students limited financial information over the phone regarding his or her bursar account. If a parent or spouse calls with questions, we can only give out information if he/she is set up with 3rd Party access